Attention Back Pain & Sciatica Sufferers!         

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"Learn to Manage Low Back Pain & Sciatica Without Medication, Injections, or Surgery"


  • You've missed work due to sciatica or back pain.

  • You've missed out on family vacation or activities you love because you're afraid of aggravating your sciatica

  • You've found yourself worrying more about your pain, numbness, and tingling rather than living your life.

  • You've TRIED EVERYTHING and just want to get back to normal!

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Chuck Schulte, PT, ATC

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Grateful for the Back Workshop!

When I attended a workshop at Diamond, I had a lot of pain in my right leg and the back of the leg down to the foot, along with tingling, numbness in the right foot.  Through the physical therapy and stretching at Diamond I feel pain free.  What a relief!  My gratitude is to the therapists, and for the program offered at Diamond and especially for the workshop.

Joy Martin

Joy Martin