Andrea Didenko

Andrea Didenko, PTA

Andrea has been a PTA for 12 years, graduating from the College of DuPage PTA program. She had been interested in nursing initially, but liked the hands-on experience physical therapy offered. Andrea has a number of different certifications including Astym. Andrea’s greatest satisfaction is seeing the progress her patients make from their first day of treatment to their last day with all their goals met. One of her personal wins was treating a gentleman who had had back pain for 20 years. He couldn’t ride in the car or travel. By the end of his time with her he was almost pain free and back to driving and traveling as he wanted. When she is not at work Andrea and her husband, a Firefighter/Paramedic, are busy managing a hectic schedule with three daughters. With what free time there might be, she likes to read, listen to music, exercise and make the occasional family trip to the waterpark.