• My experience was extremely “positive”!  My therapists were extremely TLC worthy!  Amy, Brad and Mike are the “best” of the two offices I have participated in.  Very knowledgeable and conscientious.  They were actually concerned how I felt about how I was doing both while in therapy and at home as well.  I would highly recommend this place for folks that felt they were not informed very well elsewhere.  Also, the office staff is extremely efficient!

    Christine Matchen

  • I came in with sharp pain in my lower back. Amy and Brad helped me overcome the pain by showing me stretches. They both were very good and I am very glad I came to Diamond PT!

    Ed Martin

  • Before therapy, I had a very hard time walking, sleeping, going up and down stairs, and getting out of cars. I could not work at all. I woke up in the night with pain. I had to move very slowly. I had a bad limp while walking as well. The people at Diamond Physical Therapy were very easy to work with. They taught me many different stretches and exercises to help me heal. Now I have no problem using stairs, getting in and out of cars, walking or any other activity. I have no more pain and sleep fine at night. I’ve been back on my job about a week and a half doing full duties with no problem.

    Matthew Veit

  • I just want to thank Mike and everyone involved in my PT!  I feel I can walk and enjoy life again.  My in-law told me he hasn’t seen me walk “normal” like this EVER.  You guys are very professional and absolutely amazing with what you did for me.  I can’t thank you enough.  You guys are the best.  Great people.  I will stop by to say hello.  I have my legs back and am so appreciative.

    Anthony Collelo

  • When I arrived at Diamond Physical Therapy my back and leg pain was constant and hard to endure. Thanks to all of my treatment my pain is 80% gone. Thanks for your help at 92 years. Thanks!

    Donald Myers

  • I came to physical therapy with a locked right ankle, revisiting from a 30 years old hairline leg fracture and multiple torn ligaments on the outside of the ankle. Amy and Cindy have worked with me and have significantly increased the range of motion in my ankle. My strides are significantly less “toe out” as is my ankle when sitting in a recliner. Many of the activities stretched my Achilles tendons in ways I have not experienced since wearing Earth Shoes in the 1970’s. All of these activities have greatly reduced the background pain coming from the ankle.

    Craig Ahrndt

  • I was referred to Diamond Physical Therapy by my doctor. He highly recommended that I try out the services! I was having a popping/clicking in my left knee. It was not painful, but I felt limited with that knee. After a couple weeks of therapy, I have noticed a difference in the popping sound and the stiffness. I will leave here with a quieter knee and the tools I need to continuously improve my knee.

    Amy Gorman

  • My main problem was walking and balance. I felt my problem was in the knees, but the problem was in the muscles leading to the knees. With Mikes help everything has improved balance and strength.

    Wilfred J. Strunk

  • I have enjoyed my time at Diamond. When I started therapy my left knee was very painful. Going shopping, gardening, and the stairs in my home caused pain. Both Mike and Andrea were very gentle and encouraging. The exercises get easier and my knee continued to improve. Now I am able to garden and walk for a distance without pain. Playing with my three year old grandson has become a pleasure again!

    Susan Karnoscak

  • Following revision knee replacement (my second knee replacement in 4 years) I returned to the care of Diamond Physician Therapy because of my last wonderful treatment. Somewhat discouraged and in a lot more pain than with my initial knee replacement, Amy worked with me to set realistic goals for a positive outcome. Each session (with Amy or Cindy), I left therapy feeling emotionally and physically better than I did before. By the end of 7 weeks, I was able to walk 15 minutes with gait that no one could tell I had my knee replaced. I also have a bag of tricks in my arsenal to pull out on those days when I have pain or tightened muscles. I met my goals and am onward to set new ones to lead a full life with being able to do the activities I enjoy. I highly recommend the family atmosphere of Diamond Physical Therapy for friendly and outcome driven treatment.

    Amy Wuerger