• Amy and Meghan have been super therapists working with me.  My legs feel stronger.  I have been able to walk faster than I have in along time.  I’ll keep up the exercises at home which the girls have taught me and see how that goes!

    Verna Loacker

  • Pain in my elbow and hand limited my daily activity and was a constant annoyance.  After starting my PT, I was able to feel relief and eventually almost no pain.  My right arm and hand no longer “tingle” and my daily routines are painless.  Diamond Physical Therapy, Arianna and Andrea made my day to day easier.  Thank you!!

    Adam Kalisz

  • Amy rocks!

    This is my second go around here at Diamond, no reflection on my first.  This time I was here to be taught the best exercises for a hurting knee and inflexible hip.  Amy provided many helpful and beneficial exercises that are not only impactful bur realistic to do at home!  I made good progress.

    Karin Miller

  • I had severe pain in my right hip. It bothered me when I walked, and I couldn’t get a comfortable position when I went to sleep and after I was awakened with pain. I went to Ortho doctor and my x-rays were OK, so we decided to do therapy. My goals were to walk upright and without a limp and of course without pain. The therapists worked my muscles and stretched them. Soon, I was able to function without pain and walk normally. The PT was very intense and accomplished all my goals!

    Alice McCoy

  • All summer I was experiencing severe pain in my foot. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Flood, he said I had plantar fasciitis and told me to go to Diamond Physical Therapy. I met with Mike and Andrea. They assessed me and worked with me during my therapy. In the beginning, I was in a lot of pain but over time, my pain went away, and I regained my strength. I also added dry needling sessions with Amy. These sessions along with all the therapy made a huge difference! I am pain free today and can get back to being active! Thank you!!

    Julie Voss

  • When I showed up here, I had a torn plantar fascia, torn achilles, and a break in the bottom of my foot.  I had days where I would crawl to avoid walking.  I was skeptical that the pain would ever go away, but I could feel it slowly come around.  The work was challenging here but worth it as I now am mostly pain free and really only get pain after extreme activities.  I am so grateful for Amy and Andrea and the rest of my team! Thank you!

    Tracy Wiltberger

  • I had a lot of knee pain after surgery and received much relief with therapy.  My exercises have helped a lot and are things that I can also do at home to continue my improvement.  I had trouble walking, sitting and standing from a sitting position.  Much improved on everything!

    Nancy Absolon

  • Arrived after getting a gel shot in my left knee for pain. Meghan & Amy you have done a great job of helping my knee to be almost pain free!

    Thanks, girls, for your help!

    Patricia Kramer

  • I came in with Flank pain and difficulty moving my head to the left and right. I couldn’t move my left arm past my cheek. Now, I can move my head both ways with no pain and I can reach behind my head! I had a pleasant experience.

    Josephine Metzger

  • When I first came to Diamond Physical Therapy, I wasn’t even able to lift my arm above my head or throw a ball without my shoulder popping out. I wasn’t even able to play my sports which are Lacrosse and Wrestling, but when I started PT and I slowly started to gain movement in my shoulder, and now I can throw a ball without my shoulder hurting and the best part is I can play my sports again!

    Thank you everyone at Diamond Physical Therapy for giving me my life back!

    Blaine Mayginnes