• With a history of back surgery (L4-L5) I struggled with any activity for an extended period of time.  This culminated with a new injury.  At the start of PT I simply wanted to be able to sit, stand and walk without pain.  Mike and Andrea broke things down, isolated a root cause, and built me back up.  I feel self-sufficient and optimistic that I will blow past sitting, standing, walking and return to my active lifestyle.  I am well on my way!

    Michael W. Brown

  • I came into physical therapy being in so much pain I could not walk.  I have flat feet which caused me to sit out of my favorite sport, Volleyball.  After 3 weeks of being here I can play Volleyball and do normal things with no pain.  Amy is the BEST!

    Delaney Hopp

  • I injured hamstrings on both legs to the extent that I could not stand the pain when simply sitting.  PT was initiated gently with stretches and light exercises.  The intensity level was gradually increased to include weight bearing and resistance.  After completion of my PT sessions, I met my goals, returned to work, and resumed most of my normal activities.

    Daniel Daszkowski

  • I woke up one morning and was unable to move my neck.  I tried every over the counter medication I could and nothing worked.  I went to see my doctor and she had been treated here at Diamond Physical Therapy and had nothing but great things to say, so I came and boy am I grateful!  Mike and Andrea were wonderful and got me back to my super busy life as a mom of two boys and first grade teacher.  I can drive my car and actually turn my neck to look in my blind spots.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

    Amalia Chavez

  • This session was for strengthening and the improvement came within just a few weeks.  I feel energized when I leave.  Everyone is so considerate and they work with your schedule.  I won’t go anywhere else!

    Mary Merrell

  • After experiencing pain on my left leg, my ability to exercise & run was limited.  Thanks to Andrea, Mike, Chuck and Amy, I am now able to exercise and have started running.  The physical therapy coupled with the Dry Needling treatment worked wonders!  No pain no gain!  Thank you all for everything!!

    Dolores Priegnitz

  • When I came to physical therapy, my hip and groin were in great pain, especially my hip.  With time, my groin and pelvic fracture healed and I felt no pain.  My hip was in pain but with all of the stretching exercises, massage, and in time, it all started to heal.  I thank all of the therapists for their patience and professional skills.  Thank you for all of your help!

    Carlos Saldana

  • Terrible pain in my elbow (tennis elbow) brought me to DPT.  Mike assessed me and thought I’d be much better in 12 sessions…but it only took 6!  Now I have stretches and exercises to keep it from flaring up again and I don’t have to give up my work or my new exercise routine.  I am thankful to Mike, Andrea and all the staff!  It’s so good to feel strong, loose and pain free!

    Melissa Breyette

  • Before I came to Diamond, I couldn’t even walk room to room in my house without severe pain.  I was in an immobilizing boot for 3 months with no relief before starting therapy on my plantar fascia tear.  Within the first week, working with Amy and Andrea, I felt improvement.  They have helped me strengthen my ankle and get back to my regular activities.  I wish I would have come in SOONER!

    Johanne Naegele

  • I arrived aware that my posture and balance were not as I’d like.  Thankfully, I was not in pain, but occasional top of shoulder discomfort suggested the beginning of a downward spiral.

    I am now FAR more conscious of what good posture requires ~ Amy provided great physical activities to promote and maintain the great strides I’ve made!

    I feel much stronger and confident regarding balance and have sustained my exercise regimen that Amy introduced.  She’s a great coach!

    Elizabeth McGrath