• Threw my back out and was unable to sit or stand for long periods. I have accomplished 4 weeks of physical therapy and I am able to go through my days with little to no pain. I have my full range of movement back!

    Alisa Heidner

  • When I first arrived here, I had numerous back spasms a day I could not sleep in bed almost had to sit straight up to sleep they would wake me up and were unbearable. After two weeks I was back in bed after another week the spasms were gone. The core strengthening exercises worked great. All the therapists were tremendous and very knowledgeable. Amy was the one who worked with me the most and she was tremendous. I would highly recommend Diamond Physical Therapy.

    Don Black

  • I hurt my back before Christmas, and I knew where to turn. Mike and Alissa had helped me a year ago after I broke my ankle. I have been very happy with my treatment here at Diamond and have recommended them to anyone needing physical therapy to recuperate from an injury or surgery. I was initially recommended by a friend with neck issues because she was so happy with the care and treatment received.

    Julie Yelton

  • My name is Nora I have neck pain and Mayra and Meghan helped me get better with my neck pain. PT was fun, some of the things were not as fun but they got me better!

    Nora Varoli

  • Before Diamond Physical Therapy I had chronic shin splints. I went to two other PT places had medications, and I still could not get rid of them. As a track runner this made me extremely discouraged. The first session here, I could tell it was different: new techniques and personalized treatments. Now, I am finally shin splint free after two years, and I owe that all to Amy, and Diamond.

    Victoria Logan

  • I’ve been very happy with my progress since coming here. I was diagnosed with a torn tendon in my foot and had pain when standing walking and running. Mayra and the rest of the staff helped me with stretching and exercises. Now I can walk and stand for longer periods without pain.


    Mike Arroyo

  • Before coming to physical therapy, I had been struggling for months with an arthritic knee. With the attentive staff and key exercises, I am no longer struggling. I can now go up and down stairs without hesitation and with confidence. I also know that Diamond Physical Therapy is available as I should have a relapse.

    Tina Mielnikowski

  • My experience at this facility was fantastic. I looked forward to my next appointment. I felt improvement with every visit. I feel like my daily life is going to be a lot more enjoyable without the pain I was experiencing. These 2 Alissa and Mike were fantastic. I will stop in and say hello whenever I am near. Thank you guys very much.

    George Jeffs

  • My experience here was very satisfactory. I feel that my balance has improved quite a bit and the strength in my legs has also improved. All the therapists have been friendly and very capable. I am hopeful that the gains I have made will enable me to live at home a lot longer as I advance in age- I will be 94 in February.

    Muriel Tripp

  • When I first started PT, I had severe sciatic nerve problems. I worked primarily with Mayra for about 3.5 weeks and after practicing exercises, I felt 100% better. Mayra was very patient with me and ended up giving me 6 abdominal exercises which I requested for my stomach. I can stand to lose 10-15 pounds of my stomach. I truly believe after the above 6 exercises plus my rowing machine, I will see results!

    Jim Schindler