• My right shoulder had taken too much abuse from work to shoveling and from walking the dog to martial arts.  It was causing quite a bit of discomfort.  Its strength and range of motion was diminished quite a bit.  So the professionals (Amy & Brad) at Diamond, responded with a terrific plan.  Their regimented stretches, conditioning, and strength building turned things around in a BIG way.  Thank you!

    Paul Mihelic

  • Before PT I was very dependent on others.  Included were getting dressed, moving from place to place, getting in the car, walking, lifting.  In general, everyday activities.  Now I am fairly independent.  I can do most everything for myself.  I may take longer than others to do things, but that is improving all the time. To sum it up, I’m back to being me!  Thanks to all!

    Donna Fiene

  • I had surgery on my left knee.  Was recommended to Physical Therapy twice a week for four weeks.  I have no difficulty getting in or out of the car anymore!  My goal was to walk downstairs facing forward using each leg.  I was able to reach my goal before my 4 weeks were up!  Everyone at Diamond is so encouraging.  They ice my knee after therapy and I couldn’t be more pleased with my progress.

    Pamela Heurich

  • I came to Diamond with a sore shoulder caused by playing paddle and tennis.  My range of motion was diminished and I was having difficulty sleeping.  Amy, Brad & Cindy taught me a number of strengthening exercises and stretches that have me feeling much better.  I feel very confident with my treatment at Diamond.  The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate.  I highly recommend this practice!

    Carol Angelina

  • Prior to coming to Diamond Physical Therapy, I was experiencing problems putting on my shorts and trousers and also unable to stand on one leg without falling.  Since being here and receiving assistance from Diamond’s excellent staff,   I have been able to accomplish my shorts and trouser issues far more easily with much more confidence and less fear of falling.  Also now able to stand on one leg without fear of collapse for a short period of time without falling over.

    Charles Hackl

  • I had a total knee replacement several months ago and started therapy here for that.  Had trouble with range of motion (scar tissue in new joint), but after a manipulation procedure, therapy went a lot better.  Now able to bend knee and walk much better.  After attending the DPT Health Fair last month, I had therapy on a troublesome shoulder, worked on range of motion and strength.  Now I can reach up behind my back and over the left shoulder quite well.  Right knee and right shoulder vastly improved thanks to Diamond.  Brad, Amy and crew have made use of my troubled joints possible!  -Howard

    When I started with Diamond, I couldn’t stand at the kitchen sink doing dishes for more than 10-15 minutes max before my back was in so much pain I had to sit down for at least ½ hour.  The same pain was there when I stood up to fold laundry for about the same time frames.  I came to Diamond and have been seeing Brad & Mike, both of whom have been excellent in treating my pain and showing me how to exercise my back muscles to relieve my pain as well as suggesting ways to be able to do my household shores without having the pain.  I now know what exercises to do, what changes I need to make, to prevent the pain from raising its ugly head, and which daily exercises are best to prevent recurring pain.  Thank you both Brad & Mike for all of your help!  -Kathleen


    Howard & Kathleen Thorson

  • I always like to come here.  I have good experiences with this center.  This time I came for my knee pain.  They treated me when my pain was so severe but after their treatment I am feeling good, and satisfied also.  In the future, if I have some need, I will again come here.  The staff members and everyone here helped me in a nice way, I am thankful to everyone!

    Tahira Paraveen

  • I came to Physical Therapy because of a bulging disc in my lower back.  It was debilitating and very frustrating to not be able to walk, sit in a chair, or even get up off a couch.  Thanks to Andrea and Amy I am 100% better, and have little to no pain in my lower back.  I’m grateful of how quickly my symptoms subsided.  Thank you Diamond for helping me reach my goals, and setting me up for home exercise program.

    Anthony Collelo

  • After my surgery, I couldn’t walk right or do any of my exercises because of my weak muscles in my foot and ankle.  Mike and Andrea assured me that I would get better and pushed my muscles to get stronger.  I am happy to say that after  6 weeks, my balance and strength have greatly improved.  I can now run again and feel like I can do all of the activities I was used to doing.  Thank you Diamond Physical Therapy for making me feel like me again!

    Chris Pratola

  • 5 weeks ago, I had finally removed my arm/elbow brace and started Physical Therapy with Chuck at Diamond.  I could use my hand for about 5-10 minutes to hold a phone.  10 sessions later, I can lift 30 lb. bags of salt with that arm!  My elbow is within 2-3 degrees of normal with only minor discomfort while using that arm/elbow.  No one I meet now would think I injured myself.  Thanks Chuck!

    Phil Yarber