• I was referred to Diamond Physical Therapy by my doctor. He highly recommended that I try out the services! I was having a popping/clicking in my left knee. It was not painful, but I felt limited with that knee. After a couple weeks of therapy, I have noticed a difference in the popping sound and the stiffness. I will leave here with a quieter knee and the tools I need to continuously improve my knee.

    Amy Gorman

  • Before Physical Therapy I could not kneel. Standing in one place was difficult and painful. Walking for more than 15 minutes was painful. I had pain on a daily basis. Since my knee replacement and the help of the girls at Diamond Therapy, I am no longer in pain, I can walk, stand and kneel free from pain. I haven’t been able to do that in 2 years! Everyone at Diamond Physical Therapy is fantastic.

    Linda Morrison

  • When I first came in, I could barely turn my head and I had pain in my right shoulder. Today, I can turn my head with no pain and my shoulder is much improved. I started with laser therapy and the physical therapy cleared it all up. Amy and Cindy were excellent as well as the rest of the staff. Thank you!

    Lynn A. Stoppa

  • My experience at Diamond Physical Therapy has been very successful. My PT team was great! With the surgery I had, I was back to just about normal in less than 4 months. I was back to work in less than 4 months and able to play golf. It’s been a great experience here and would highly recommend your services.

    David Evans

  • My primary care doctor sent me in because I get back spasms that keep me from every day activities for 7 days. He felt I need to strengthen muscles in my back. Since then, I have had 7 sessions and no spasms. I can tell a big difference in my back with sitting, standing and walking.

    Cindy Noah

  • My left shoulder was very tight. I had difficulty sleeping, reaching overhead and twisting my back. After physical therapy, I have 90% and normal use, no pain in bed, sleeping all night and awake refreshed. The staff was great. A second problem was my left side – very painful from a fall on ice. The laser therapy helped immensely! My ribs have healed and the soft tissue bruise is also healed.

    Joe H. Oliver

  • This is my second time at Diamond Physical Therapy and both experiences were wonderful! This session worked on my feet – due to tendonitis. I got to work with Alecia and Andrea – both of whom are amazing, professional, knowledgeable and caring! They encouraged me at Diamond, but were also supportive of things done at home. Successful therapy involves the therapists, the exercises and the patient. Thank you Diamond!

    Linda Mullen

  • I came to Diamond to get stronger and to put off knee replacement surgery as long as possible. I was experiencing a lot of pain going up stairs and my knee would slip out of place if I would turn quickly. Amy and Cindy helped me tremendously in strengthening and getting rid of most of my knee pain. Diamond is awesome!

    Merrilee Ahrndt

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy after having debilitating migraines for months off and on. The headaches were always preceded by neck stiffness and pain. The doctor found, I have degenerative discs in C5, C6 & C7. After a few weeks at Diamond, I feel younger, lighter and taller. I have not had a headache in weeks and have been more active than I had been in months. Thank you Amy and Andrea for making 40+ old feel young again. You two are the best!

    Jack Mueller

  • Years of neck and shoulder pain had recently gotten to the point that I wasn’t able to stand or hold my head up straight. I was unable to complete routine tasks without having burning and spasms in my neck and upper back, which left me feeling completely exhausted. Amy and Cindy worked with me with exercises and tools that alone don’t give relief, but combined with dry needling the results were amazing. I am able to do so much more and have more pain free time than I’ve had in years. For any future problems I definitely will return for dry needling.

    Marsha Cooper