• I have been to many physical therapy establishments. This was the first place I went that shows me real results the first day. So I brought my daughter also. She had an ailment. We both graduated pain free, mine in my shoulder and her in her neck. This has been a fantastic experience. Thank you Mike and Alissa! On top of that there is a great family feel. My three year old wants to come in to see everyone.

    James Cnota

  • After 10+ years of trying to get a proper diagnosis I had surgery to correct many issues in my foot/ankle/calf. I knew going into my surgery that I may never run again depending on how things went in recovery. I am so happy to say I now walk without a limp and feel stronger every day! I also am looking forward to strengthening my leg enough to ski and run again.

    Tracy Wiltberger

  • I came into rehab after back surgery. The staff was always helpful and listened to my concerns. The treatment that Amy and Meghan gave me was easy to understand, and helped a great deal. I came in barely able to walk, and I am leaving able to walk any distance without pain. I cannot recommend Diamond PT enough!

    Gregg Parrish

  • When I first came after surgery I had little or no use of my right arm and shoulder. Amy and Meghan helped me slowly regain my rage of motion and get stronger each week. All in all my PT helped me to function on a daily basis. I am still getting stronger every day, but I am active and not bothered by my shoulder. Thank you!

    Jordan Jones

  • Came in with severe knee pain, could not even kneel down. Therapy provided has resolved all the pain and allowed me to continue with normal life. Everyone at Diamond was understanding and knowledgeable. I rate my experience a 5 star.

    John Matras

  • I came here because of pain in the back of my knee, after a knee manipulation and had trouble bending the knee and straightening it fully. I am now pain free. The staff has been excellent and have helped me to do the exercises needed to resolve the pain. Thank you so much for your help and kindness.

    Yaneth Fuqua

  • Years of pain finally found its match at Diamond Physical Therapy. After a successful surgery, I was released into the skilled, caring, and manipulative hands of Amy and Andrea. They willingly “shouldered” the job of putting me back together, “stretching” me to my limits, “bending” my brand new right reverse shoulder into a “flexible, working” part of my total self. Yes, I was whole again.

    Okay, so I embellished it just a little! But I cannot say enough about the dedicated staff of Diamond PT. From Cameo in the front to Sue in the back, they exhibit nothing but professionalism and caring.

    Now that I have graduated from therapy, I look forward to continuing my exercises at home, another feature of Diamond, no dumping you at the end, you leave with a program to continue your journey to total health and wellness.

    So, thank you from the bottom of my heart and the farthest reach of my new and improved shoulder. Amy and Andrea, you are the bomb, consummate professionals in every definition of the word. I would recommend you to anyone in need of therapy, knowing they would be in the best hands possible.

    John Bzdusek

  • I could not go shopping and needed help. Now I go alone and more than one store at a time. I could not stand up straight, now I stand up straight. I could not walk up and down stairs now I can. I did hang on to something and walk, now I do not hang on something to walk.

    Patricia Gibbons

  • My experience here was great. I had issues doing regular things since therapy I can do the regular things that I was not able to do before. Like tying a knot and moving my arm without pain.

    Keith Olson

  • Diamond Therapy is extremely professional they give you their best. Although I am not where I want to be in my progress, we have all done our best. Hopefully, things will still improve. I recommend them.

    Linda Mraz