• When I began physical therapy, I couldn’t drive or be on my feet for more than a half an hour. I was on Hydrocodone for pain in my back; I have two fractured vertebrae from falling down the stairs. Because of the excellent care that I received from Diamond PT, I am able to drive and do a lot of the things I wasn’t able to do prior to the fall.

    Helen Muehl

  • When I arrived at Diamond Physical Therapy my back and leg pain was constant and hard to endure. Thanks to all of my treatment my pain is 80% gone. Thanks for your help at 92 years. Thanks!

    Donald Myers

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy to get help with my left leg. It was feeling weak and tingled on a regular basis. After my physical therapy visits, this sensation is 99.9% gone with rarely any tingling. I have more strength in my left leg compared to when I first came here. I’ve gotten additional benefits to my PT visits. I am more flexible in my movements due to the PT core exercises as well. The staff is wonderful!

    Alicia Wallace

  • I was unable to walk very far, and when I tried I had severe shooting pain in my hip and groin. I also had difficulty standing up from a sitting position. Each of these problems have been resolved. I am once again walking very well.

    Douglas Ely

  • I have enjoyed my time at Diamond. When I started therapy my left knee was very painful. Going shopping, gardening, and the stairs in my home caused pain. Both Mike and Andrea were very gentle and encouraging. The exercises get easier and my knee continued to improve. Now I am able to garden and walk for a distance without pain. Playing with my three year old grandson has become a pleasure again!

    Susan Karnoscak

  • I had lots of pain in the bottom of my foot when walking. That has diminished to almost nothing. My calf and thigh muscles have been stretched and therefore help me with everything I do. Even my hamstrings are better and I feel that it has helped my back pain too. The staff here is fabulous and my two therapists were wonderful. I would recommend this place to anyone. I am very pleased.

    Shirley Strokosch

  • I had trouble getting up from the kneeling position where I needed to pull myself up. Now I am able to get up and my knee is not as tight as it was when starting. My hip got better as well. I am doing a lot better now to keep up with the program.

    Rick Heite

  • The experience here has been amazing. As a former patient, my first thought was Diamond Physical Therapy when the orthopedic recommended PT. I came in with very limited hand, arm, and shoulder strength. It was painful to move in certain ways. Four weeks later, I have full mobility in my hand, arm and shoulder. There is no sign of pain that I had previously. I’m back to how I felt prior to my injury. It’s been an amazing journey to my returned mobility.


    Anson Liu

  • When I arrived my pain was probably at a level 10. Now, my pain is between zero and one on some days. I have been doing all of the exercises and will continue to do them at home. Thanks so very much!


    Sandy Losacco

  • Before coming to Diamond I had reoccurring left shoulder pain that kept me from sleeping. I’ve been to therapy here in the past for back pain and knee pain. I knew they were the right people to help me with my problem. Mike has helped me tremendously.

    Erika Scheffrahn