• Came in with chronic lower back pain.  I have been dealing with it for years and I sometimes got back spasms that made me resort to muscle relaxants and strong painkillers.  I thought my pain was due to an undiagnosed injury because I work out at the gym regularly with heavy weights.  After Physical Therapy I learned that targeted exercises were what I needed.  I learned to do this and now I am pain free!  THANKS!

    Rick Sanz

  • When I came here I couldn’t do certain things like walking, going up stairs and there was lack of strength.  I am now stronger and have had steady improvement.  The care here was great!  Overall great place to come.             Thank you Amy!

    Terry Schrader

  •  When I came to Diamond Physical Therapy, my neck hurt me every morning.  I could not move my neck without pain and going to sleep was very difficult.  Amy and Andrea helped work together designing a custom regiment for my neck to stretch and heal.  Their bedside manner was fantastic.  They listened to every concern of mine and adapted.  I now can wake up every morning ready to start my day without any pain.  THANK YOU!

    Nicholas Tolzien

  • Before coming to Diamond for PT, I was experiencing stabbing pains in my shoulder whenever I performed tasks such as clicking on my seatbelt, pulling a piece of carry-on luggage, and even getting dressed.  Within a couple of weeks of PT, I began to see much improvement in the ability to perform these tasks pain-free.  Prior to PT, I was aware of my shoulder pain all day long.  Now I don’t notice it at all.

    Linda Laipert

  • Came in with pain – now pain is gone

    Therapy was excellent!

    Both girls were outstanding!

    Geraldine Patitucci

  • My left hip was arthritic, stiff and painful.  Working with Amy has greatly improved the mobility and significantly reduced the pain in the hip and muscles around the hip.  Thank you!

    Frank Knopf

  • I am so grateful for my time at DPT…Amy’s expertise, professionalism and compassion have helped my shoulder injury tremendously and also my perspective on what is possible as I continue the journey to good health.  Both Amy and Brad have always been kind with their words and actions, which is as important to me as their care.  The entire staff is amazing!

    Deb Julson

  • I came here in a lot of pain in my right knee.  Through the course of therapy Amy found that my leg was shorter.  She put a lift in my shoe and worked on my quad strength.  Now I do the exercises and my pain is less.  I can now get out of a chair comfortably.

    Patricia Konetzke

  • Before coming to Diamond Physical Therapy, I experienced severe neck and some back pain.  After working with Arianna for the past 6 weeks, I have more mobility and range of motion.  I feel like a new person!  Thank you!!

    Kimberly Koerner

  • I was having frequent pain and stiffness in my left heel and was diagnosed with a bone spur where my Achilles attaches to my heel bone.  Little did I know that this was exacerbating my tight/weak calf muscle, hip flexors and IT bands.  My legs had been weak/stiff like this for years and I’d just gotten used to it!  Now I am stronger and looser because of PT.  I know how to strengthen and stretch these muscles and my heel pain is DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED!  It doesn’t slow me down anymore!  Thanks Amy and Andrea!

    Melissa Breyette