• I was having back pain flare up from an old back surgery. I came to Diamond looking for some pain relief. After my sessions, I was feeling stronger and back to my old self and able to complete my normal activities.

    Stephanie Twarling

  • When I started at Diamond, I had a very hard time navigating the stairs and walking far. I am able to walk two to three miles without a problem. Walking down the stairs has improved greatly. The exercises that Meghan gave me to take home will improve my stair pain.

    Kenneth Karczewski

  • I came into Diamond Therapy because of neck pain and falling. I also had problems with dizziness when getting out of bed or even getting up from a chair. Arianna helped me with stretching out the muscles in my neck and Andrea helped me with feeling the core of my body and how to strengthen my legs and ankles so I could possibly stop a fall or fall where I would not hit my head or get hurt as bad as I was getting. They also pushed me to go further and seek the medical help I needed. I felt I was working with friends who really cared about my well being and finding answers to my problems.

    Barbara Bowden

  • Diamond is the best! They are thorough and work with you to make sure you are treated professionally. They always make sure you are comfortable. I highly recommend them for any physical problems you may have.

    Chuck Harding

  • I had stressed my lower back with lifting and twisting. It hurt to walk very far or stand straight. Walking the dogs was not possible, now walking the dog, lifting, one in and out or my car is no trouble. I can carry firewood and do landscaping projects again. My back feels much better, the exercises are helping lots.

    Phil Yarber

  • I am so thankful for the quick improvement in my left shoulder after coming to Diamond Physical Therapy. I was experiencing arm pain which interrupted my sleep. After just 9 PT sessions, the pain is gone, and I have restored range of motion. Alissa was awesome and was very professional and personable. She offered a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises I can do at home. I am so happy with the results! Thank you!

    Kathy Komaromy

  • When I came in this time, I was in such pain in my shoulder. The doctor said I probably would need surgery to replace my rotator cuff, and I said, “Oh No!”. So, I came to see Chuck again, and today I am graduating and feeling good!

    Rilla Freund

  • I came to Diamond for a unique hand swelling that was not caused by a medical disease/condition. The hand/finger swelling was due to scar tissue that was impacting blood. The combination of Astym/Graston and deep tissue laser treatment greatly improved the condition. Once again, very happy with the results from Diamond.

    Kathy Mountain

  • When I first came here, I had nerve damage in my neck, shoulder and down my arm. With therapy, I have strengthened my shoulder and the nerve damage has not gone down my arm and now, it is not as intense.

    Walter Kotlarz

  • When I started at Diamond Physical Therapy, after being ill and having shingles, I was told by my doctor I would need PT to help me with my pain from a pinched nerve. I had a difficult time walking without pain and would have to sit quite often. After PT, 3x a week, I have much more stamina, flexibility and less pain. I can say, I am “almost” normal! I will continue to do PT at home because everyone here has educated me how to continue to improve. I “love” coming to Diamond Therapy – “my home” away from home!

    Diana Wood