• I can cook longer, carry groceries and overall function much easier and better. A wide variety of movements and exercises have helped solve my lower back issues and greatly improve my knee pain. Both Mike and Alissa have truly listened, and problem solved. I have felt safe coming here during the pandemic and impressed by their attention to safety and sanitation.

    Mary Kane

  • I came to Diamond in August 2020 for 6 weeks before I had knee surgery in December. Post-OP rehab seemed impossible in the beginning, but I can walk out of here today without a limp or much pain at all, thanks to my wonderful therapists. Great, knowledgeable therapists- great people!

    Karen Gallagher

  • I was in a car accident that damaged my shoulder. I came to Diamond Physical Therapy because of its proximity to my home, but now would never go anywhere else. All the staff I interacted with were happy, and kind. Really a positive atmosphere which I think helps with recovery.

    Michael Freling

  • This was the second time I came to Diamond for P.T. in the last year. I have found Mike and Alissa to be very customer oriented, friendly, smart and professional. I had foot surgery 2x and they helped me regain my strength, reduce my pain and increase my flexibility. Most important is they treat you as an individual patient. I highly recommend them! They were a referral by my daughter, so our family is a big fan!

    Richard Lebrun

  • Started with a new haircut…the pain in my neck was unbearable- bad enough to go to the doctor after suffering for 4 weeks. After a few visits I can move my neck and back to doing all my usual activities without pain. I have learned to “enjoy” physical therapy- knowing it helps me!

    Betty Malone

  • About a year before I started PT, I was noticing a weird ache down the back of my thigh while playing hockey. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because it wasn’t that bad, and stretching seemed to feel good. The pain became more frequent and intense over the next year, to the point where it was bothering me all day long. Sitting for long periods, driving, running, stretching all seemed to aggravate the pain in the leg/hip. The team at Diamond did an amazing job over 8 weeks of treatment, which included manual massage, aggressive exercises to strengthen my hamstring/hip muscles, and tips to take home with me, should this issue “flareup” again. I am now virtually pain free, and able to exercise and play hockey without any issues.

    Nick Daviero

  • Before I could not stand to cook a meal, hamstring was pulling almost constantly, and I couldn’t do any strengthening exercises. After my endurance is much better, now it is very manageable, and now makes it feel better.


    Lorraine Bloomquist

  • Sciatic nerve was the result of my many visits to Diamond. It was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. Started in my leg and basically went through my body and every pressure point was unbearable. After many visits of PT with the therapists, gradually made the pain go away. I want to thank Diamond for finding a way to give me great results, and I am now pain free.


    Deborah Jamieson

  • Before I started PT, I had difficulty walking around the block and had a very pronounced limp. Since working with Amy and Andrea, my limp is really gone and lessening all the time. I am now able to walk over two miles. Before therapy, I was unable to shop, with or without a cane. Last week, I shopped for 3 hours at the outlet mall with friends! The surgeon who repaired my broken femur told me it will take a long time to fully get back to normal, but I have made remarkable progress thanks to Amy and Andrea!

    Marge Brunner

  • After my manipulation I felt like I was starting all over again. Slowly I was able to make improvement. My first goal was to make a full circle on the bike. I am happy to say I have accomplished that! My therapists always challenged me and continued to try different therapies to help me move forward. Even though I still have healing to do, I can return to some of my activities without pain.

    Nancy Swart