• I woke up one morning and was unable to move my neck.  I tried every over the counter medication I could and nothing worked.  I went to see my doctor and she had been treated here at Diamond Physical Therapy and had nothing but great things to say, so I came and boy am I grateful!  Mike and Andrea were wonderful and got me back to my super busy life as a mom of two boys and first grade teacher.  I can drive my car and actually turn my neck to look in my blind spots.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

    Amalia Chavez

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy after having debilitating migraines for months off and on. The headaches were always preceded by neck stiffness and pain. The doctor found, I have degenerative discs in C5, C6 & C7. After a few weeks at Diamond, I feel younger, lighter and taller. I have not had a headache in weeks and have been more active than I had been in months. Thank you Amy and Andrea for making 40+ old feel young again. You two are the best!

    Jack Mueller

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy with severe neck and back pain. After just a few sessions, I was feeling better. The staff is wonderful! At the end of my last session, I am totally pain free!

    Leslie Toepfer

  • As before, this is the place for me. I was in a bad shape with my neck and shoulders. I am feeling so much better and will work on the things you taught me. I feel I have a new neck and shoulders. I have been here a few times and I always get better and like before, I have to keep up with the things I have learned.

    Agnes Henkle

  • I was having much pain for a couple months and having difficulty turning my head to the left to check for traffic. After having Physical Therapy, I am able to do that without the neck pain!

    Donna Church

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy after being diagnosed with herniated disc in my neck. When I began Therapy, I was having arm pain. Also my arm was very weak. I was feeling hopeless. I cannot say enough about Mike, Alecia- entire staff. The therapy I’ve received was wonderful. Everyone is very professional and caring. Now I am functioning near normal level with little to no pain and my arm strength is getting better and better.

    Kathleen Gilbert

  •  Before Physical Therapy, I was experiencing pain in my upper back and lower neck, limited many of my daily home, school and recreational activities. Participating in sport and band was not an option with my back pain. After 12 Physical Therapy visits, I was able to limit the pain to a single tender spot on my spine, enabling me to resume my day to day activities.

    Max Macler

  • When I came here, I had a lot of pain in my neck, I couldn’t turn my head without it hurting. I was also having a lot of headaches. Now, I feel much looser and can turn my head with so much less pain-my headaches have seemed to improve also. Andrea and Mike have been so awesome in helping me to feel better and teach me how to help myself at home.

    Tina Feld

  • I can walk my walker again without my walker!

    “I had a great experience at Diamond. The staff is amazing. I am back to doing what I did before! Due to a head injury I had trouble walking and bending. In a very short time I learned how to do all of it again. Thank you all for everything you did for me!”

    Judy Stakic

  • I can golf again!

    “I came to Diamond with pain that made a grown man cry! Just a few visits and I was back shooting a 47 on the golf course. My pain is gone and life is very good. I have a man crush on Chuck now.”

    Anthony Orlandino