• Terrible pain in my elbow (tennis elbow) brought me to DPT.  Mike assessed me and thought I’d be much better in 12 sessions…but it only took 6!  Now I have stretches and exercises to keep it from flaring up again and I don’t have to give up my work or my new exercise routine.  I am thankful to Mike, Andrea and all the staff!  It’s so good to feel strong, loose and pain free!

    Melissa Breyette

  • I broke my wrist walking my dogs in Florida. I was in a cast and after it was removed I had pain and difficulty with my wrist or hand. I felt discouraged and was not sure if I could get my strength back. I started at Diamond Physical Therapy and with each visit I saw improvements. I was taught how to work with my wrist at home and saw great progress. I appreciated all of the encouragement and tools given so I could continue my progress. Thanks!

    Adele Smyczynski

  • The experience here has been amazing. As a former patient, my first thought was Diamond Physical Therapy when the orthopedic recommended PT. I came in with very limited hand, arm, and shoulder strength. It was painful to move in certain ways. Four weeks later, I have full mobility in my hand, arm and shoulder. There is no sign of pain that I had previously. I’m back to how I felt prior to my injury. It’s been an amazing journey to my returned mobility.


    Anson Liu

  • I went to Physical Therapy, because I could not move my arm after I got it out of my cast. Physical Therapy helped me move my arm and I am able to move it again.

    Matthew Fishman

  • I was experiencing limited range of motion with my arm. I was having trouble reaching my opposite shoulder, behind my back and I had problems with my tennis serve. Reaching items on the shelf caused pain. Shoulder pain caused sleepless nights. Since Therapy at Diamond, my range of motion is close to 100 % and my pain has greatly diminished. Best of all, my tennis serve is back.

    Chris Morecraft

  • Ruth and Andrea gave me confidence!

    “I broke my arm badly and after surgery I could barley bend it. I couldn’t even lift my wrist at all. Ruth and Andrea helped me get the band almost back to normal. I can do most of my daily activities. Things like pulling back my hair and carrying laundry baskets without even noticing my injury. The wrist is also doing much better, though it will take time to come back fully. Perhaps most importantly, Ruth and Andrea gave me confidence that I can and will heal and knowledge of the exercises to help speed the process along.”

    Jonathan Prykop

  • I could hardly lift a soda can!

    “I had been living with Tennis Elbow for 18 months! I was using medications, arm bands, and different wraps and nothing seemed to help. After, working all day I could hardly life a soda can.  After 4 weeks of physical therapy with Mike and Andrea, I’ve got 80 % of my arm back! The other 20% is up to me now. Thank you Mike,  Andrea (Dr. Pain), Kait, and Nicole for making my recovery a pleasant one.”

    Scott Toepfer

  • Living life so much happier!

    “I came for physical therapy after breaking my arm. I already had limited mobility on both arms before the break and was on multiple pain killers. Chuck, Mike, and Andrea took me through all the exercises and got me  using all those muscles again. They listened to my concerns and made adjustments as necessary. I am now down to one pain and am living my life so much happier. Thanks to the great team at Diamond Physical Therapy. “

    Deborah Klein