• I came to Diamond due to a knee problem that had been examined by an orthopedic surgeon with his only answer was treating with cortisone shots.  Chuck and Mike both evaluated me for use of Laser Therapy along with Physical Therapy and at the end of 12 sessions of PT with 6 of them having Laser treatments, I am leaving with virtually NO PAIN and vastly greater stability thanks to Mike, Andrea & Cindy!

    Anthony Honaker

  • I came to Diamond after suffering a very severe injury to my neck.  The pain in my neck at that time was probably 5-6.  After therapy by Chuck, Brad and Amy, I have NO PAIN in my neck and shoulder most days.  If I have any pain at all, it is a 1.  I am very grateful for the help I got at Diamond 1 ½ years ago for my broken arm, and now for my neck injury.  Thank you!!

    Esther Mangold

  • Vertigo – Gone!

    I can walk and stand straight and feel better all around.

    Patricia Gibbons

  • When I came to Diamond Physical Therapy I couldn’t even walk down the stairs.  Now I’m back to normal activities and back to the gym with no pain and full strength.

    Lauren Carlson

  • My PT experience has been awesome!  Before coming to Diamond PT I was constantly in an ankle brace.  Now I have hope for the future with knowing stretches and exercises to perform that will alleviate pain and strengthen muscles to support my bad ankle.

    Tammy Chudy

  • After my two knee replacements seven weeks apart, I had two sessions of therapy.  I am so impressed with Diamond Therapy and especially with Amy and Cindy.  They were great at explaining the process of progression and with each session what areas we were going to work on.  They listened to me on how I felt and worked with any specific areas there were bothering me.  Amy and Cindy were there to push me and cheer me on at the same time.  These ladies were my rock and I am doing so well because of them.  It’s so important to do your continued therapy at home as well as the sessions and they supplied me with instructions and bands to work on building my strength back up.  I am so grateful I came to Diamond Therapy as I am ready to get my active life back with no pain!

    Denise Vorpagel

  • I was a swimmer for 8 years and always lived an active lifestyle.  After moving some heavy equipment, I suffered with pain for 6 months.  I learned I had a stress fracture in my lower back that prevented me from running and sitting.  After only 4 weeks I am pain free for the first time in over 6 months!

    Brittany Chally

  • I brought my 14 year old son to Diamond PT to rehab after a football injury left him with a fractured growth plate in his left ankle.  Amy and Brad gave him the necessary treatment and equipped him with many useful tools to allow him to return to his incredibly active lifestyle and many sporting teams pain free!  They were both always patient and respectful yet tough when he needed it.

    Nathan VanWitzenburg (Kim)

  • I injured my Achilles tendon 4 years ago and tried to rehab it on my own.  This was unsuccessful and I suffered with pain for years.  Then, I developed plantar fasciitis on the same leg.  My entire left leg hurt from my foot to my hip.  I went to my doctor and got a prescription for physical therapy.  I had come to Diamond once before for thoracic back pain and they were wonderful.  So I chose Diamond again.  The therapists marked my entire left leg.  The combination of ASTYM and the exercises healed all my aches and pains.  I often teased my therapist and said

    “All these hip exercises you’re making me do has cured my plantar fasciitis/Achilles tendonitis!”

    Alexia Huntzinger

  • I had a severe pain on the left side of the neck and in my left shoulder.  It hurt when I woke up, when I was driving, and at other times.  Now I can drive without pain, and I have little or no pain when I wake up!

    Daniel Spike