• When I arrived my pain was probably at a level 10. Now, my pain is between zero and one on some days. I have been doing all of the exercises and will continue to do them at home. Thanks so very much!


    Sandy Losacco

  • I felt very tired when I came back. Now I feel more energetic. I can also do more physical activities.

    Jason Garay

  • I came in with bad back and leg pain from walking too much too soon. I was trying to start over and get in better shape too quickly. Now I know to take appropriate time and you will survive. No more doing it too fast and winding up failing. Thanks to my teachers- I will be a winner!

    Thomas W. Fox

  • I have been coming to Diamond Physical Therapy for 2 years, for different problems. The staff here is wonderful and caring. My therapist Mike has been a life saver for me. With his knowledge and compassionate direction, together, we have been able to do all my post-surgery therapy with overwhelming positive results. All the therapists at Diamond Physical Therapy are kind, caring and want only the best outcome for their patients. The environment and consideration given to their customers is second to none. Chuck, the owner, makes sure of this. His primary receptionist Nicole is always pleasant and tries very hard to accommodate your personal schedule. I am so glad that I found this establishment and highly recommend it to anyone in need of physical therapy. It gave me back pain free use of both my shoulders, my back, foot and the ability to walk pain free. I give SALUTE to you all!

    Charlene Fleisher

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy, because I was walking about two miles a day, and suddenly I could not walk at all without pain. I called a friend, who had similar pain to find out, where she found a cure and she recommended Diamond. I started with Amy and she was very polite and caring, and with her expert treatments, I made good progress. She was patient with this old guy. I am able to walk and am back to my old self and I thank all of you at Diamond.

    Paul F. Schif

  • Came in due to leg vibration and balance issues. Over the course of treatment, both issues have resolved. Been seen at Diamond Physical Therapy several times. Previously for different issues, which all have been resolved.

    Michael Hirsch

  •  When I first came here, I didn’t have too much movement in my left leg. Amy and Cindy worked on my leg and now I have movement in my toes and I can bend my ankle, also my balance is better. I am glad I came here, because they really did their best to improve my leg. I’ve received shock and laser treatments. Sincerely thank you for everything!

    Patricia A. Rosas

  • For several months, I couldn’t move the right side of my body very well. This is my 2nd time here for the same issue. After going to the hospital and getting a plan put in place, I worked hard to get better. Before I was forced to use wheelchair or walker and now I can walk with little assistance from my cane. I am able to move my leg again with no pain and a lot of strength.

    Sara Smith

  • Before I came to Diamond, here was my situation: bumping into walls at home (3-4 times/week), kept falling. I was a shuffler and wobbler, I was taking small steps and had to step sideways to go over the curb. Since the therapy done by Amy and Cindy, my gait is faster and smoother, my steps are longer, I get out of a chair faster and my static balance has definitely improved. Diamond is a wonderful place and has been a rewarding experience for me.

    Frank Gonsowski

  • The experience I’ve had at Diamond Physical Therapy ranks in the top echelon of professional encounters during my lifetime. The reception and office staff were all friendly, proactive and informative. The initial consultation and evaluation by Amy was pleasant and thorough. I quickly came to look forward to therapy sessions. The Therapy staff with I worked with, Amy, Cindy, Mike and Syvil all greeted me with warm smiles and conducted sessions with caring attitudes. Their knowledgeable responses to my questions and concerns provided a sense of assurance. Prior to treatment and following car accident, injuries caused restrictions to movement of my torso and neck such that I couldn’t turn to see behind while backing up car, or see anything up overhead. Bending to touch my toes, which had been doable, was now impossible. Subsequent to therapy, my movement has been restored, and I think even improved. I can now move freely to do everything I could prior to the accident. I only wish that I could continue to visit for the encouragement I received along with therapy.

    Peter Luchsinger