• When I arrived at Diamond Physical Therapy my back and leg pain was constant and hard to endure. Thanks to all of my treatment my pain is 80% gone. Thanks for your help at 92 years. Thanks!

    Donald Myers

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy to get help with my left leg. It was feeling weak and tingled on a regular basis. After my physical therapy visits, this sensation is 99.9% gone with rarely any tingling. I have more strength in my left leg compared to when I first came here. I’ve gotten additional benefits to my PT visits. I am more flexible in my movements due to the PT core exercises as well. The staff is wonderful!

    Alicia Wallace

  • I was unable to walk very far, and when I tried I had severe shooting pain in my hip and groin. I also had difficulty standing up from a sitting position. Each of these problems have been resolved. I am once again walking very well.

    Douglas Ely

  • My experience was wonderful. I have been here for four different reasons and always get excellent results. I am able to do things now with little pain after my hip replacement. I still have a ways to go, but I’m being patient.

    Jane Panzloff

  • My journey started a few years back when I was extremely overweight causing my hips to deteriorate. The team at Diamond Physical Therapy helped alleviate some of the hip pain I was experiencing when going through my weight loss process. Once the weight came off, I had two total hip replacements and each time I turned to Diamond Physical Therapy to help me recover and rebuild my strength so I could continue on my road to recovery. Today, I am pain free and able to function better than I could for many years. I have a sincere appreciation for the team at Diamond with their support and encouragement during such a challenge time for me. Thank you for everything!

    Bob Janiszewski

  • When I came to Diamond Physical Therapy, I was hardly able to step on my right leg due to the pain I would feel in my right hip. Mike worked with me and within 12 visits my pain was almost at zero and I was walking again and able to be myself and take care of everything again. Thank you Mike and Diamond Physical Therapy!

    Patricia Fantauzzi

  • I came with heel pain like nothing I’ve felt before and now, no inflammation or pain! The exercises and help from everyone here has been very valuable. The laser treatments were very helpful, the home exercises and finding the root of my problem-the hip-who knew?! Now I walk and feel so much better. This has been a very long process, 7 weeks in boot, then a boot at night and the Physical Therapy all helped my foot heel since February – what a process and I thank Chuck and Cindy for all their help!

    Joy Benton

  • I had hip replacement surgery. Came to Diamond Physical Therapy for recovery therapy. It was an excellent experience, the staff is very nice. My goals have all been met!

    Greg Hanson

  • I did a good job!

    “Before, I could not drive for long periods of time because it hurt to sit. Also, it hurt to sit long periods at work. After physical therapy, this pain has been relieved a lot. If it is hurting I know what to do to stretch the muscles. Thanks to everyone!”

    Denise Pope

  • My recovery was easier than I expected!

    “I had a total hip replacement due to having osteoarthritis. Mike and Andrea made my recovery easier by showing me many exercises that I can continue to do at home to strengthen my muscles including core to help with occasional back pain. I had a total left hip and knee replacement prior to this and was really not looking forward to physical therapy. Mike and Andrea made physical therapy a better experience than I ever had in the past elsewhere. Thank you both!”

    Peggy Alcala