• I had my resurfaced hip done about 8 years ago. My body began to grow “bone spurs” around the device. My doctor said if he had to go into the hip to “clean it up” that I should get the hip replaced. After surgery, I chose to come back to Diamond Therapy because of the professional treatment I had gotten in the past. Brad, Amy, and Andrea gave me fantastic service and I am now well on the way to a fast recovery. Thanks Diamond!

    Daniel Lounsbury

  • I came in after a fall at school 4 weeks ago. I was very sore on my right side of my hip and leg. With your help I have learned new stretches and exercises to do what has greatly helped to relieve the pain and loosen up my right side and have more mobility. She also worked on the left side and I’m able to move better and longer than my day at school with the children.

    Beth Sturges

  • Chronic running injuries are what brought me to Diamond PT. Having registered for a 5 mile spring road race, I found I was not able to even run a half mile in February. I brought a broken body to Diamond PT for help. At this point, home exercises, stretching, foam rolling, and yoga were no longer enough to get me back running. Physical therapy started 5 weeks before the race and my main goal was to be able to run the 5 mile course. Goal accomplished thanks to Mike and Andrea! Thanks!

    Helena O’Callaghan

  • I came in with constant shoulder pain and occasional hip pain. My pain was reduced from my first treatment and is now completely relieved. The homework exercises and stretches will continue to help me improve flexibility and strength. Many thanks to Chuck, Mike, and Brad!

    Russ Farnum

  • When I came to Diamond, I had severe pain in my right hip.  After I was able to set up a program with Brad’s help, the frequency of the pain was less & less severe.  I now realize that I have to follow my plan and be consistent.  Thanks to Diamond, I can see a life without pain.

    John Naughton

  • I came into Diamond PT after back surgery for a herniated disc.  I had pain in my lower back and right hip with a loss of strength in the right leg.  I couldn’t get up a flight of stairs without the handrail in my left hand and my right hand pushing down on my thigh to climb each step.   In 15 visits I am pain free and have seen great improvement with the strength in my right leg.  It’s no longer a challenge to get up a flight of stairs.  Yea!

    What I wasn’t expecting was a fix for a decade’s old problem with pain in the right side of my lower back.  I’d been told my right leg was almost an inch shorter than my left.  The muscles in my right lower back were constantly fatigued, making up for my misaligned pelvis.  During my post-op exam, Amy found that the misalignment of my pelvis had more to do with my misaligned hip than the shorter length of my right leg.  Amy and Andrea worked their magic and I no longer walk with a limp!  BUT most importantly, all my back pain is gone!  I can’t thank the two of them enough.  It’s been a pleasure working with all of the staff at Diamond.

    Mike Sosine

  • I started PT in January with bursitis in my right hip and right lower back pain.  I had serious hip pain especially at night and lower back pain at various times when sitting or performing various activities.  After 6 weeks of therapy I have much reduced hip pain at night. (Mike & Cindy are terrific at understanding the underlying physical problems and coming up with appropriate strength, stretching and balancing exercises)  My lower back pain is less.  For both issues I am persuaded by them that I need to follow a home exercise program to continue to improve.  For this reason, I decided to join the Diamond Health Club where I can continue at my own pace.  I’m very grateful for this opportunity.  I will definitely recommend Diamond to others for an excellent PT experience.

    Susanne Masi

  • This session was for strengthening and the improvement came within just a few weeks.  I feel energized when I leave.  Everyone is so considerate and they work with your schedule.  I won’t go anywhere else!

    Mary Merrell

  • When I came to physical therapy, my hip and groin were in great pain, especially my hip.  With time, my groin and pelvic fracture healed and I felt no pain.  My hip was in pain but with all of the stretching exercises, massage, and in time, it all started to heal.  I thank all of the therapists for their patience and professional skills.  Thank you for all of your help!

    Carlos Saldana

  • When I arrived at Diamond Physical Therapy my back and leg pain was constant and hard to endure. Thanks to all of my treatment my pain is 80% gone. Thanks for your help at 92 years. Thanks!

    Donald Myers