• I debated going to PT for months I had several issues with pain in both my knees while squatting, bending, and walking up and down stairs. My mother referred me to Diamond PT. My progress was slow at first and the knots in my knees would not release. After a few weeks, I started to see improvements. Amy was great! She took the time to really analyze how I was squatting and using my body mechanics. After learning how to squat, stretch, and workout correctly my knee pain has gone from a 10 to a 0! I appreciate all of her work and great advice. I will miss my regular appointments to Diamond since Amy and the rest of the gang are so fun, but I am happy to have no knee pain and to get back to my regular workouts.

    Colleen Seick

  • Great experience! My knee was stiff with some scar tissue. My right knee has softened up and is bending better. I’m walking better. Mike and Andrea are great to walk with!

    Christine Matchen

  • When I first came in after my knee surgery on my right knee, I was in a great deal of pain. Amy and Andrea had been excellent with my rehabilitation. Both had been very kind and considerate. I shall not hesitate to come back when I have my other knee surgery done.

    Patricia “Tricia” Mok

  • As far as the progress after surgery I had very little ROM (range of motion) but now 8 weeks later it’s much better. I can resume my regular activities. Thanks to Mike and Andrea I feel much better and confident that I can take care of myself.

    Denny Delnagro

  • I came here before my knee replacement for strengthening and I was satisfied. I returned after knee replacement and worked with Brad and Amy. Three days a week for six weeks and I am happy with my progress. I can now walk with no pain. My range of motion is fantastic and I’m glad it worked out. Brad and Amy were great.

    Walter Kotlarz

  • I was here before for a herniated disk so I came back for this. I sprained my ankle over the winter and about a month after it healed, my knees swelled up and it affected my ability to walk. My doctor recommend physical therapy and wrote me a script so I could come here. I never thought I would be able to walk as well as I am again. Mike and Brad are both excellent and helped me so much. I couldn’t even bend my leg and when I did there was pain. They worked with me and pushed me to meet my goals and now I have no pain! I feel 100% better.

    Greg Mueller

  • I came in with a ruptured quad tendon surgically repaired and after 4 ½ months of PT, I was able to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs per day.     THEN…

    I had a surgically repaired rotator cuff and bicep tendon tear and after 4 ½ months of intense upper body PT, I am now able to operate at about 99% range of motion capacity and increased right arm/shoulder strength.

    Both injuries take 12-18 months for full strength recovery so still pushing the rock up the hill!

    Donald R. Brewer

  • I had a total knee replacement and had to use a walker that first workout. With the therapy program at 8 weeks I have minimal pain, great mobility and back at work feeling better than I did pre-op. Thanks to Brad and Amy!

    Lou Berchicci

  • I had arthroscopic knee surgery and needed manipulation and strengthening (conditioning) of muscles to retrain mental control of muscles to get rid of the pain-collapse syndrome. Their therapy met the goals for the time span spent in sessions (3.5-4 weeks). The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If needed, I would return.

    Tony Podraza

  • My experience was great!  I had knee problems and all the therapy exercises helped tremendously.  Everyone here is very friendly and my knees feel amazing.  The help from Brad & Amy was successful.


    Keith Olson