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  • After having complications with my knee surgery, I lost a lot of muscle. Mike and Andrea worked with me to strengthen the muscles. After about 4 weeks I was able to take a trip to Hawaii. I could sit on a beach chair, walk on uneven pavement and do the stairs with only a little difficulty. Thanks Mike and Andrea!

    Beverly Van Wazer

  • I was referred to Diamond Physical Therapy by my doctor. He highly recommended that I try out the services! I was having a popping/clicking in my left knee. It was not painful, but I felt limited with that knee. After a couple weeks of therapy, I have noticed a difference in the popping sound and the stiffness. I will leave here with a quieter knee and the tools I need to continuously improve my knee.

    Amy Gorman

  • I came to Diamond to get stronger and to put off knee replacement surgery as long as possible. I was experiencing a lot of pain going up stairs and my knee would slip out of place if I would turn quickly. Amy and Cindy helped me tremendously in strengthening and getting rid of most of my knee pain. Diamond is awesome!

    Merrilee Ahrndt

  • I’ve had great experience here the last couple of months – left knee cap getting better every day. Front desk is awesome and so are the Physical Therapists. Mike has been wonderful with helping me a lot. He really knows his stuff.

    Catherine Kuhlman

  • I have been here before for my knees, but this has been the most challenging – left knee replacement. Your people are the best, very professional and knowledgeable. I couldn’t go to any other place. They were extremely helpful.1st class people! See you in August for my right knee replacement.

    Anthony Collelo

  • I am very happy with the two Therapists that worked with me – Cindy and Alecia. They were very thorough and explained everything very well.  I just have to keep up daily exercises at home.

    Verna S. Loacker

  • I came back to Diamond Physical Therapy after my second knee surgery; unfortunately, the first one didn’t fix my issue. Amy is an absolute Angel! She is always caring, listens to my concerns and asks the right questions. In these four weeks I’ve reached my goals! I can walk the stairs two-footed and can’t wait for better weather so I can ride my bike. I recommend Diamond Physical Therapy to everyone!

    Sheri Geishecker

  • I came here after surgery for a torn meniscus. Months of pain, set me back on my workouts, walking and daily life. Amy and Cindy worked me hard strengthening my legs and knees. Now, I am pain free! Thank you Amy and Cindy for always being my cheerleaders and giving me lifelong strengthening exercises to keep strong.

    Janet Marczyk

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