• I came to Diamond due to a knee problem that had been examined by an orthopedic surgeon with his only answer was treating with cortisone shots.  Chuck and Mike both evaluated me for use of Laser Therapy along with Physical Therapy and at the end of 12 sessions of PT with 6 of them having Laser treatments, I am leaving with virtually NO PAIN and vastly greater stability thanks to Mike, Andrea & Cindy!

    Anthony Honaker

  • When I came to Diamond Physical Therapy I couldn’t even walk down the stairs.  Now I’m back to normal activities and back to the gym with no pain and full strength.

    Lauren Carlson

  • After my two knee replacements seven weeks apart, I had two sessions of therapy.  I am so impressed with Diamond Therapy and especially with Amy and Cindy.  They were great at explaining the process of progression and with each session what areas we were going to work on.  They listened to me on how I felt and worked with any specific areas there were bothering me.  Amy and Cindy were there to push me and cheer me on at the same time.  These ladies were my rock and I am doing so well because of them.  It’s so important to do your continued therapy at home as well as the sessions and they supplied me with instructions and bands to work on building my strength back up.  I am so grateful I came to Diamond Therapy as I am ready to get my active life back with no pain!

    Denise Vorpagel

  • When I first came here to Diamond Physical Therapy, my knees hurt and so did my feet.  Mike and Brad helped me strengthen my legs and how to stretch my legs.  After 3 months I am pain free and excited to start tennis and do activities without pain.  Thank you to Mike and Brad for helping me get back to normal!

    Carter Swim

  • When I first came in to Diamond Physical Therapy, I thought “Mission Impossible”, but with the help of Mike & Brad, I’m able to put my shoes and pants on by myself (thank goodness wife says).  My knee is like it should be, pain free.  Thanks Diamond Physical Therapy!

    Robert Wenc

  • I came to Diamond Therapy for pain in my left knee and foot.  It was very hard walking, getting in and out of the car, find a comfortable position for the leg when driving, or do any activities.  Thanks to Amy and Cindy, I’m back to my old self!

    Charlotte Becker

  • My experience was extremely “positive”!  My therapists were extremely TLC worthy!  Amy, Brad and Mike are the “best” of the two offices I have participated in.  Very knowledgeable and conscientious.  They were actually concerned how I felt about how I was doing both while in therapy and at home as well.  I would highly recommend this place for folks that felt they were not informed very well elsewhere.  Also, the office staff is extremely efficient!

    Christine Matchen

  • I just want to thank Mike and everyone involved in my PT!  I feel I can walk and enjoy life again.  My in-law told me he hasn’t seen me walk “normal” like this EVER.  You guys are very professional and absolutely amazing with what you did for me.  I can’t thank you enough.  You guys are the best.  Great people.  I will stop by to say hello.  I have my legs back and am so appreciative.

    Anthony Collelo

  • I was referred to Diamond Physical Therapy by my doctor. He highly recommended that I try out the services! I was having a popping/clicking in my left knee. It was not painful, but I felt limited with that knee. After a couple weeks of therapy, I have noticed a difference in the popping sound and the stiffness. I will leave here with a quieter knee and the tools I need to continuously improve my knee.

    Amy Gorman

  • My main problem was walking and balance. I felt my problem was in the knees, but the problem was in the muscles leading to the knees. With Mikes help everything has improved balance and strength.

    Wilfred J. Strunk