• I was playing with my dogs kicking their ball and pulled something in by back.  It spasm’d all night.  I knew the laser treatment would help.  It stopped the spasms in minutes.  I came for six weeks of therapy and now I feel great.  The dogs are very happy that I can play fetch again.

    Elizabeth Jennings

  • I recently had rotator cuff surgery and the laser therapy was recommended to me. After receiving PT and laser therapy I’m happy to say I’m doing great and have been released from therapy within two months. I strongly recommend Diamond Physical Therapy. The staff is awesome and very helpful.

    Marcia Welge

  • I came to Diamond due to a knee problem that had been examined by an orthopedic surgeon with his only answer was treating with cortisone shots.  Chuck and Mike both evaluated me for use of Laser Therapy along with Physical Therapy and at the end of 12 sessions of PT with 6 of them having Laser treatments, I am leaving with virtually NO PAIN and vastly greater stability thanks to Mike, Andrea & Cindy!

    Anthony Honaker

  • When I first came in, I could barely turn my head and I had pain in my right shoulder. Today, I can turn my head with no pain and my shoulder is much improved. I started with laser therapy and the physical therapy cleared it all up. Amy and Cindy were excellent as well as the rest of the staff. Thank you!

    Lynn A. Stoppa