• When I came to Diamond I was in bad shape. My pain level was a 10 or more I wasn’t able to walk upstairs because it was so painful. I couldn’t hardly do dishes or sit for very long without pain. After four weeks, I can do all of the above without pain and actually in the first week I was already feeling relieved. I highly recommend it. The staff is wonderful.

    Dorothy Thompson

  • I have been coming here for 5 years. When I started I was in a lot of pain; my legs and my back. I feel so much better. That’s why I’ve come back several times. I like the therapy here because all are very careful and kind and caring. Everybody is very good and very nice.  I am very satisfied with the service.

    Irene Nowak

  • I came to Diamond with crippling lower back pain, as recommended by my ortho and both my parents. I could not be more pleased with my results especially thanks to Amy and Andrea. I made great progress with their help and when I hit a plateau they worked with me to figure out the next steps. Amy recommended dry needling and it’s given me relief once again! I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they’ve helped me with. If I were to do it all again, I would still do it with them. Thank You!

    Kayla Ahrndt

  • I had sciatic pain from my back all the way down to my ankle. Andrea and Amy helped me and now I leave pain free after 4 weeks! Yay! Thanks for your help!

    Jane Fisher

  • This is my second time here at Diamond Physical Therapy.  What brought me here again is that I have so much pain on my lower back and neck and I know that with the help of their excellent Physical Therapists, Mike Morley and Brad Goplerud, I will be healed.  With the exercises and massages, I can now turn my neck with no pain and my lower back pain is much better.  I will be ready to do my 5K run/walk!  I would recommend if you have back, neck pain and you suffer from sciatica this is the place to go to help you.  They have excellent, awesome Physical Therapists and very friendly and welcoming receptionists (Nicole & Maria)!

    Emmie San Juan

  • I came into Diamond PT after back surgery for a herniated disc.  I had pain in my lower back and right hip with a loss of strength in the right leg.  I couldn’t get up a flight of stairs without the handrail in my left hand and my right hand pushing down on my thigh to climb each step.   In 15 visits I am pain free and have seen great improvement with the strength in my right leg.  It’s no longer a challenge to get up a flight of stairs.  Yea!

    What I wasn’t expecting was a fix for a decade’s old problem with pain in the right side of my lower back.  I’d been told my right leg was almost an inch shorter than my left.  The muscles in my right lower back were constantly fatigued, making up for my misaligned pelvis.  During my post-op exam, Amy found that the misalignment of my pelvis had more to do with my misaligned hip than the shorter length of my right leg.  Amy and Andrea worked their magic and I no longer walk with a limp!  BUT most importantly, all my back pain is gone!  I can’t thank the two of them enough.  It’s been a pleasure working with all of the staff at Diamond.

    Mike Sosine

  • I had a total knee replacement several months ago and started therapy here for that.  Had trouble with range of motion (scar tissue in new joint), but after a manipulation procedure, therapy went a lot better.  Now able to bend knee and walk much better.  After attending the DPT Health Fair last month, I had therapy on a troublesome shoulder, worked on range of motion and strength.  Now I can reach up behind my back and over the left shoulder quite well.  Right knee and right shoulder vastly improved thanks to Diamond.  Brad, Amy and crew have made use of my troubled joints possible!  -Howard

    When I started with Diamond, I couldn’t stand at the kitchen sink doing dishes for more than 10-15 minutes max before my back was in so much pain I had to sit down for at least ½ hour.  The same pain was there when I stood up to fold laundry for about the same time frames.  I came to Diamond and have been seeing Brad & Mike, both of whom have been excellent in treating my pain and showing me how to exercise my back muscles to relieve my pain as well as suggesting ways to be able to do my household shores without having the pain.  I now know what exercises to do, what changes I need to make, to prevent the pain from raising its ugly head, and which daily exercises are best to prevent recurring pain.  Thank you both Brad & Mike for all of your help!  -Kathleen


    Howard & Kathleen Thorson

  • I came to Physical Therapy because of a bulging disc in my lower back.  It was debilitating and very frustrating to not be able to walk, sit in a chair, or even get up off a couch.  Thanks to Andrea and Amy I am 100% better, and have little to no pain in my lower back.  I’m grateful of how quickly my symptoms subsided.  Thank you Diamond for helping me reach my goals, and setting me up for home exercise program.

    Anthony Collelo

  • I started PT in January with bursitis in my right hip and right lower back pain.  I had serious hip pain especially at night and lower back pain at various times when sitting or performing various activities.  After 6 weeks of therapy I have much reduced hip pain at night. (Mike & Cindy are terrific at understanding the underlying physical problems and coming up with appropriate strength, stretching and balancing exercises)  My lower back pain is less.  For both issues I am persuaded by them that I need to follow a home exercise program to continue to improve.  For this reason, I decided to join the Diamond Health Club where I can continue at my own pace.  I’m very grateful for this opportunity.  I will definitely recommend Diamond to others for an excellent PT experience.

    Susanne Masi

  • With a history of back surgery (L4-L5) I struggled with any activity for an extended period of time.  This culminated with a new injury.  At the start of PT I simply wanted to be able to sit, stand and walk without pain.  Mike and Andrea broke things down, isolated a root cause, and built me back up.  I feel self-sufficient and optimistic that I will blow past sitting, standing, walking and return to my active lifestyle.  I am well on my way!

    Michael W. Brown