• I was a swimmer for 8 years and always lived an active lifestyle.  After moving some heavy equipment, I suffered with pain for 6 months.  I learned I had a stress fracture in my lower back that prevented me from running and sitting.  After only 4 weeks I am pain free for the first time in over 6 months!

    Brittany Chally

  • All is Good!  Amy was very good with her treatments.  My back has come right now and I can move on with work and home life with no issues.  Thanks!

    McDonald Drever

  • When I started I was unable to sit still or raise from my chair without a large amount of pain down my left leg.  I needed to kneel on the floor to put clothes from the washer to the dryer.

    I now can sit and stand from my chair and do all my mom stuff with no pain.  I am truly thankful to the girls here at Diamond Physical Therapy and I made new friends!

    Dawn Wittig

  • I came in with sharp pain in my lower back. Amy and Brad helped me overcome the pain by showing me stretches. They both were very good and I am very glad I came to Diamond PT!

    Ed Martin

  • When I arrived at Diamond Physical Therapy my back and leg pain was constant and hard to endure. Thanks to all of my treatment my pain is 80% gone. Thanks for your help at 92 years. Thanks!

    Donald Myers

  • When I began physical therapy, I couldn’t drive or be on my feet for more than a half an hour. I was on Hydrocodone for pain in my back; I have two fractured vertebrae from falling down the stairs. Because of the excellent care that I received from Diamond PT, I am able to drive and do a lot of the things I wasn’t able to do prior to the fall.

    Helen Muehl

  • The staff at Diamond Physical Therapy have helped educate me on proper exercises, stretches and even posture to greatly improve my back pain. When I first came into Diamond, I had back pain when standing for extended periods of time and even when walking. After my weeks of therapy, my back pain is minimal and at times nothing at all! I am very thankful for the entire staff, especially Cindy and Amy, for educating me to live nearly pain free.

    Karyn Petersen

  • My primary care doctor sent me in because I get back spasms that keep me from every day activities for 7 days. He felt I need to strengthen muscles in my back. Since then, I have had 7 sessions and no spasms. I can tell a big difference in my back with sitting, standing and walking.

    Cindy Noah

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy with severe neck and back pain. After just a few sessions, I was feeling better. The staff is wonderful! At the end of my last session, I am totally pain free!

    Leslie Toepfer

  • Coming to Diamond with back problems was a tough decision, but I couldn’t be happier now. The results have been much better than I could have imagined. A decade of lower back pain is now under control and I’m able to enjoy my life once again. My wife and kids are thrilled to have their husband and dad back again! Thank you Diamond! Your staff is the best!

    Andrew Zydell