• I came in with a ruptured quad tendon surgically repaired and after 4 ½ months of PT, I was able to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs per day.     THEN…

    I had a surgically repaired rotator cuff and bicep tendon tear and after 4 ½ months of intense upper body PT, I am now able to operate at about 99% range of motion capacity and increased right arm/shoulder strength.

    Both injuries take 12-18 months for full strength recovery so still pushing the rock up the hill!

    Donald R. Brewer

  • I began to have an ache in my arm after some strenuous work. Thinking it would go away with rest, I ignored it. My ache turned to pain, weakness, and then disrupted my sleep. PT was recommended when I finally saw someone about my arm. My positive prior experience with Diamond brought me back. I could not lift a glass of water, turn the door knobs, carry groceries, or open containers and jars. Five weeks later I can do all these things with absolutely no pain. Thank you again to the wonderful staff at Diamond PT.

    Nicole Brandmire

  • I recently had rotator cuff surgery and the laser therapy was recommended to me. After receiving PT and laser therapy I’m happy to say I’m doing great and have been released from therapy within two months. I strongly recommend Diamond Physical Therapy. The staff is awesome and very helpful.

    Marcia Welge

  • This was an amazing journey from chronic neck and shoulder pain to standing straight and tall and strong once again. I can’t thank Mike enough for all the personal attention and education I received which led to my recovery. Thanks Mike you are awesome!

    Ray Herrick

  • Came in 6 weeks ago for a rotator and bicep tear surgery which was very painful and I had to remain in an arm sling 24 hrs/day for 4 weeks to assure it heals correctly.  Needless to say that you lose flexibility & strength so by the time I came in for PT, I was very weak.  I worked with Brad & Amy, who were great, and I followed up on exercises at home.  I had regained my flexibility to almost normal and my strength is improving.  The team here works very closely with you and are very encouraging!  Thanks!

    Al Fakhoury

  • I came in with limited motion in both shoulders. I had severe pain raising my hands above and behind my head. Also, I had pain putting on a coat, tucking in my shirts, and unable to reach across my chest. I could not even go beyond my collarbone. Pain also impacted my sleep. Now, I’m able to move with little to no pain. Some limitations is still on my left side but I am confident this will improve by continuing with what I learned from Amy and Brad. I tell my family and friends I’m able to pat myself on the back, both figuratively and literally.

    Mark Peltier

  • I came in with constant shoulder pain and occasional hip pain. My pain was reduced from my first treatment and is now completely relieved. The homework exercises and stretches will continue to help me improve flexibility and strength. Many thanks to Chuck, Mike, and Brad!

    Russ Farnum

  • I went to my doctor with shoulder pain and he gave me a cortisone shot.  It felt better, and then I came in for PT and there still was pain. The first few weeks I really didn’t want to come in but I did. Then, I started feeling better basically overnight. I went to the doctor for the follow-up and he was impressed. Amy and I found out I still had some problems with strengthening out movements and we worked on that the last two weeks and now I can move without any difficulties.

    Nancy Helton

  • My right shoulder had taken too much abuse from work to shoveling and from walking the dog to martial arts.  It was causing quite a bit of discomfort.  Its strength and range of motion was diminished quite a bit.  So the professionals (Amy & Brad) at Diamond, responded with a terrific plan.  Their regimented stretches, conditioning, and strength building turned things around in a BIG way.  Thank you!

    Paul Mihelic

  • I came to Diamond with a sore shoulder caused by playing paddle and tennis.  My range of motion was diminished and I was having difficulty sleeping.  Amy, Brad & Cindy taught me a number of strengthening exercises and stretches that have me feeling much better.  I feel very confident with my treatment at Diamond.  The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate.  I highly recommend this practice!

    Carol Angelina