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  • My experience at Diamond Physical Therapy has been very successful. My PT team was great! With the surgery I had, I was back to just about normal in less than 4 months. I was back to work in less than 4 months and able to play golf. It’s been a great experience here and would highly recommend your services.

    David Evans

  • My left shoulder was very tight. I had difficulty sleeping, reaching overhead and twisting my back. After physical therapy, I have 90% and normal use, no pain in bed, sleeping all night and awake refreshed. The staff was great. A second problem was my left side – very painful from a fall on ice. The laser therapy helped immensely! My ribs have healed and the soft tissue bruise is also healed.

    Joe H. Oliver

  • When I began physical therapy, I had a lot of trouble reaching for seat belt or something in a back seat. Had lots of pain when putting on a jacket. Now, after a couple of weeks with stretching exercises and muscle therapy, my shoulders have loosened so that I no longer have pain in reaching. I’ve learned several techniques to continue at home to keep my shoulders and upper body loose and aligned.

    Roy Wendling

  • I came to Diamond to eliminate symptoms related to 30+ years of old injuries – 3 torn rotator cuffs and broken clavicle on my other shoulder. Cindy, Amy and Mike have manipulated the soft shoulder tissue in both shoulders, breaking adhesions and untying muscular knots. A variety of exercises were given to me here and at home, which are designed to increase flexibility and strength. The shoulders have experienced increase in nerve activity for both arms as well as increased blood flow.  I feel infinity better and stronger. Thanks again the crew – Cindy, Amy and Mike!

    Craig Ahrndt

  • I developed pain in my left shoulder over the course of several weeks that did not go away. With certain motions the pain was severe. Amy and Cindy showed me exercises and stretching that very quickly resulted in significant improvement. I couldn’t be more pleased with the professionalism of the staff or with my results.

    Warren Hess

  • As before, this is the place for me. I was in a bad shape with my neck and shoulders. I am feeling so much better and will work on the things you taught me. I feel I have a new neck and shoulders. I have been here a few times and I always get better and like before, I have to keep up with the things I have learned.

    Agnes Henkle

  • I came to Diamond after rotator cuff surgery and with the help of Amy and Cindy, I am able to move my arm with ease and no discomfort. I would recommend Diamond for any physical therapy my friends and family may need. Thank you for all the help in my recovery!

    Daniel Chavez

  • After a bad accident I lost the usage of my right shoulder. I was unable to lift my arm above the waistline. After rotator cuff surgery, I was at Diamond Physical Therapy for 5 months. Diamond was like silver lining of the dark cloud that surrounded the accident. Mike Morley very patiently guided me through the exercises with his excellent knowledge and experience. The most important thing I learned was, that I had to do the exercises on my own, for myself, in order to gain range of motion and strength. Everyone that works at Diamond PT is very good, they work together as a team. I am grateful for the healing experience I had there.

    Mary Biskup

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