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  • I came to Diamond after rotator cuff surgery and with the help of Amy and Cindy, I am able to move my arm with ease and no discomfort. I would recommend Diamond for any physical therapy my friends and family may need. Thank you for all the help in my recovery!

    Daniel Chavez

  • After a bad accident I lost the usage of my right shoulder. I was unable to lift my arm above the waistline. After rotator cuff surgery, I was at Diamond Physical Therapy for 5 months. Diamond was like silver lining of the dark cloud that surrounded the accident. Mike Morley very patiently guided me through the exercises with his excellent knowledge and experience. The most important thing I learned was, that I had to do the exercises on my own, for myself, in order to gain range of motion and strength. Everyone that works at Diamond PT is very good, they work together as a team. I am grateful for the healing experience I had there.

    Mary Biskup

  • After having labrum surgery, I came to Diamond Physical Therapy and Mike and Cindy helped me tremendously. 4 months later, I am cleared to throw and hit again. I feel that I am the strongest I have ever been and learned so many new things!

    Matt Marczyk

  • After shoulder and bicep tendon surgery followed by 4 weeks in a sling, I could barely move my arm. With the help of Diamond Physical Therapy and especially my therapists Amy and Cindy, I now have a fully functional arm again. It was a long recovery, but with Amy’s and Cindy’s expertise and encouragement and compassion for what I was going through, I am pretty much back to a normal routine now. I’d like to thank everyone at Diamond Physical Therapy for everything that they have done for me.

    Marc Yaffe

  • I came to Diamond after I had surgery from a torn rotator cuff. Before surgery I had limited movement of my right shoulder and through PT I have almost full range again. I really appreciate all the work and support from Amy and Andrea to move my recovery along and to work with me to continue the exercises at home. Without Diamond Physical Therapy staff, I would not being feeling as well as I do.

    Katie Gutierrez

  • I had massive rotator cuff tear and underwent superior capsular reconstruction on my right shoulder. After the surgery, I had a lot of pain and was unable to lift my right arm very high. Mike and Cindy did a fantastic job with my therapy to start and Andrea worked me over with Astym to help relieve the pain I had. Now I am able to lift my arm normally and I am virtually pain free. I can’t thank them and Diamond enough.

    Paul Vaughan

  • I came to Diamond Physical Therapy after I had surgery on my right shoulder. My rotator cuff was torn. Everyone that worked with me helped me get the use of my arm back. I couldn’t do simple things like brush or wash my hair. Getting dressed was a task. Amy helped me so much. I can do almost anything with my arm now. Thanks everyone for help to get my arm back to normal.

    Shirley Sullivan

  • I didn’t think I needed a Physical Therapy facility, because I have done in home Therapy. At my first appointment at Diamond, I knew, That I was wrong and that I needed more therapy. I feel that I am 99% where I should be. The therapists have been wonderful, helping me set goals and explanations of the exercises that I needed to achieve goals. Just all in all, this has been a very interesting and different experience for me. I appreciate what my therapists have done for me and I am very grateful to all of them. I would recommend Diamond to anyone. Thank you for everything!

    Esther Mangold

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