Bonnie Nagel

Prior to my two knee replacements, I was slowly giving up the outdoor activities that I so enjoy. After each surgery, the expert Therapists at Diamond Physical Therapy worked with me to improve my strength (especially the quads) and range of motion. The “homework” assignments given to me by the therapists, have given me the opportunity to learn what I need to do to continue to make a full recovery. The Therapists have not only helped me improve my post-surgery physical strength, I have been able to maintain my emotional strength as well since recovery for knee replacement is a long process. Through the expertise of Ruth, Andrea, Cindy and Alecia, I am able to walk several miles without pain, swim a mile in the pool, ride a bike again and use the elliptical machine. I have more work to do before I fully recover, but I’m confident that with what I have learned from these wonderful people I can look forward to a full, active retirement!