Peter Luchsinger

The experience I’ve had at Diamond Physical Therapy ranks in the top echelon of professional encounters during my lifetime. The reception and office staff were all friendly, proactive and informative. The initial consultation and evaluation by Amy was pleasant and thorough. I quickly came to look forward to therapy sessions. The Therapy staff with I worked with, Amy, Cindy, Mike and Syvil all greeted me with warm smiles and conducted sessions with caring attitudes. Their knowledgeable responses to my questions and concerns provided a sense of assurance. Prior to treatment and following car accident, injuries caused restrictions to movement of my torso and neck such that I couldn’t turn to see behind while backing up car, or see anything up overhead. Bending to touch my toes, which had been doable, was now impossible. Subsequent to therapy, my movement has been restored, and I think even improved. I can now move freely to do everything I could prior to the accident. I only wish that I could continue to visit for the encouragement I received along with therapy.