Susan Walsh

I was so excited to join a golf league for the first time! Imagine my dismay when I found that my difficulty walking had carried onto the course with any possibility of any golf totally threatened! Luckily, I saw an ad on Facebook for the Diamond Physical Therapy clinic’s free knee pain seminar! Soon after I began working with Mike. How blessed I have been to have his help! His expert evaluation showed there are several places in my hip and leg contributing to my knee pain. Mike’s approach was completely multi-faceted with various stretches, exercises, hands-on manipulation, and use of Kinesio-tape. What a pleasure to work with someone with compassion, clear explanations, honest expectations, and the utmost professionalism. My knee has been getting so much better in the process, and most often I’m completely pain free! I’m happy to say my golf game has improved, and I no longer dread going to the golf course! I would highly recommend going to Diamond Physical Therapy because of their superior strategies in the field and their friendly, helpful, expert staff. Ask for Mike!