Diamond Physical Therapy was founded in 1993.

Founder, Chuck Schulte, and his staff are committed to providing world-class treatment with world-class results.

What sets Diamond apart from others is:

  • Our focus on results.
  • Our ability to get them.
  • The fact we report those results for all to see on our website.

You won’t be left in the dark about any part of your experience here, from the type of care you will receive, to what to do at home to aid your recovery, to anything related to your insurance or personal responsibility. That’s how you treat a family member and that’s how we will treat you.

So how do we do that?

We do that with the advanced skills of our physical therapy staff. You receive direct hands-on care in a professional and friendly manner which will make you feel like you’re family.

On your first visit with us, we make sure we understand YOUR goals and understand what YOU want before we ever begin any treatment.

Next, the physical therapists at Diamond are experienced at uncovering the true cause of your pain. Without knowing the true cause, treatment only addresses the symptoms of your problem with no lasting results.

With the true cause of your pain known, your physical therapist develops a plan to specifically address the unique cause of your problem. This is the only way to ensure YOUR goals are achieved.

We stay in regular communication with your physician and keep them updated on your progress. And we make sure you experience steady progress until YOUR goals are met.

Our mission is to help you overcome what’s keeping you from being your old self again. Whether that’s being able to manage your home, come home from work not exhausted from the pain, play with your kids or grandkids, go for that end of the day walk, get back to golfing or fishing or tennis or…

We can Help You Get the Results You Want.