• I came to Physical Therapy with reservations, because of “stories” I had heard. It has in fact been an excellent experience. I came to rehabilitate a broken shoulder with poor range of motion in every direction and difficulty completing many daily tasks. I’m leaving with huge improvement in motion and strength and the ability to do everything I need to do on a daily basis, and exercises to maintain and improve movement. The staff, Ruth and Cindy in particular, have made every visit productive and a pleasure.

    Donna Guerrero

  • I am very pleased with Alecia and Cindy, who have been working with me. I can walk up and down the stairs. I can get up from a theater seat without help or a problem.

    Verna S. Loacker

  • After the Physical Therapy:

    I can walk so much better. I am able to go up and down the stairs much easier. Strength of my arms and legs has significantly improved. I feel, like my endurance is better and I am not feeling as tired anymore.

    Casimir Hass

  • After the Physical Therapy:

    I feel better. I am able to walk more. All of the exercises made me feel better and I have great selection of home exercises, that I can keep up with at home. I feel comfortable with being able to do exercises on my own.

    Richard L. Schneiderwind

  • When I started Therapy, the pain in my right heel kept me from walking long distances and normal walking was very hard. After first week, I was able to walk much easier with less pain and after 4 weeks, pain is completely gone. I am able to do long walks, ride bicycle and normal day to day activities without pain.

    Robert Thomason

  • I could not do something as simple as walking without my left ankle giving me pain. I must admit, some of the exercises Alecia had me do in the beginning were exercises that would not help my ankle. Boy did she prove me wrong! Alecia and everyone here at Diamond definitely know their stuff. I can now walk, jump and run without wearing an ankle brace for support. I would definitely refer anyone to Diamond for Physical Therapy. Everyone here was so nice and helpful.

    Janet Lococo-Schmidt

  • At the onset of my Physical Therapy, I was feeling very depressed, that I wasn’t able to do the activities that I had enjoyed for so long. By learning new exercises to help strengthen my core, I am able to do most of the things that I had always enjoyed. And if I incur pain by doing new activities, I have been thought some “fixes” that I can do on my own to alleviate the pain. Thank You!

    Cindy Tegtmeier

  • I can finally lift weights again after 8 months out of the gym. My shoulder now supports weights and stabilizes much better than it did previously.

    Drew Wolfer

  • Before I started Therapy, my left arm and shoulder was in a lot of pain. Since coming in, my pain has almost vanished. I learned how to stretch the muscles, so that I hardly have pain at all. My Therapists have been great.

    Susan Compton

  • When I first came to Diamond Physical Therapy my lower back, knees and legs were in need of pain relief. My left knee needs knee replacement and revision, and my right knee needs to be replaced. With the help of Diamond, especially Ruth, my pain decreased significant. Before Physical Therapy, I had difficult time walking without pain and now I am pretty much pain free. Thanks Ruth!

    Jim Summaria