• Well I came here so that maybe they could help me with my strength and balance. I just wasn’t feeling good walking and moving my head left or right. Now, I can get up without using my arms helping me! I feel more comfortable now.


    Rose Milo

  •  I fell twice in one week and realized I needed help with my balance. I networked to Diamond Physical Therapy for help. I came three times a week, I did my exercises every day and I now am more comfortable and feel more secure with my balance. I’m satisfied with the help I got and will be back when I need them.


    Del Hackl

  • I came because I was not balancing well. I had fallen a couple times. But now I have better balance and am strengthening my right leg and foot. Thank you for all of your help with both balance and strengthening. -Evelyn Swanson

    My imbalance was quite uncontrollable (I couldn’t pass a police test of walking a straight line even though I don’t drink!). The help I got here tempts me to go to the police station for a straight line test- and know I’ll pass it!  -Larry Swanson

    Evelyn & Larry Swanson

  • Prior to coming to Diamond Physical Therapy, I was experiencing problems putting on my shorts and trousers and also unable to stand on one leg without falling.  Since being here and receiving assistance from Diamond’s excellent staff,   I have been able to accomplish my shorts and trouser issues far more easily with much more confidence and less fear of falling.  Also now able to stand on one leg without fear of collapse for a short period of time without falling over.

    Charles Hackl

  • I arrived aware that my posture and balance were not as I’d like.  Thankfully, I was not in pain, but occasional top of shoulder discomfort suggested the beginning of a downward spiral.

    I am now FAR more conscious of what good posture requires ~ Amy provided great physical activities to promote and maintain the great strides I’ve made!

    I feel much stronger and confident regarding balance and have sustained my exercise regimen that Amy introduced.  She’s a great coach!

    Elizabeth McGrath

  • My main problem was walking and balance. I felt my problem was in the knees, but the problem was in the muscles leading to the knees. With Mikes help everything has improved balance and strength.

    Wilfred J. Strunk

  • I am very happy with the two Therapists that worked with me – Cindy and Alecia. They were very thorough and explained everything very well.  I just have to keep up daily exercises at home.

    Verna S. Loacker

  • Came in due to leg vibration and balance issues. Over the course of treatment, both issues have resolved. Been seen at Diamond Physical Therapy several times. Previously for different issues, which all have been resolved.

    Michael Hirsch

  •  When I first came here, I didn’t have too much movement in my left leg. Amy and Cindy worked on my leg and now I have movement in my toes and I can bend my ankle, also my balance is better. I am glad I came here, because they really did their best to improve my leg. I’ve received shock and laser treatments. Sincerely thank you for everything!

    Patricia A. Rosas

  • Before I came to Diamond, here was my situation: bumping into walls at home (3-4 times/week), kept falling. I was a shuffler and wobbler, I was taking small steps and had to step sideways to go over the curb. Since the therapy done by Amy and Cindy, my gait is faster and smoother, my steps are longer, I get out of a chair faster and my static balance has definitely improved. Diamond is a wonderful place and has been a rewarding experience for me.

    Frank Gonsowski