• I have osteoarthritis in my left hip and was told I need a hip replacement. I had pain and was limping, along with stiffness. I did not want the surgery, so I opted for physical therapy. The treatment I have received, stretching, mobility exercises and the Dry Needling, have greatly improved my condition. I have more mobility in my joint and walk with barley a limp.

    Julie Wesley

  • All summer I was experiencing severe pain in my foot. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Flood, he said I had plantar fasciitis and told me to go to Diamond Physical Therapy. I met with Mike and Andrea. They assessed me and worked with me during my therapy. In the beginning, I was in a lot of pain but over time, my pain went away, and I regained my strength. I also added dry needling sessions with Amy. These sessions along with all the therapy made a huge difference! I am pain free today and can get back to being active! Thank you!!

    Julie Voss

  • I came to Diamond PT with an old elbow injury (tennis and golf elbow pain) to see if the ongoing pain could be reduced.  Amy did dry needling on both arms and then blood flow restriction with therapy and stretching.  I am very happy to now be almost pain free!  My muscles were also strengthened so now I can lift 10lb weights with bicep curls when before I could only lift 8 on one arm and 5 on the other!

    Kathy Komaromy

  • I have no back pain.  I painted a bedroom.  I am playing with my dog.  I can vacuum and do daily chores.  One month ago I couldn’t say any of those things.  The PT has helped immensely.  The game changer was dry needling.  Within one week of treatment, no pain.  I have occasional sensations, but not pain.  I will continue this treatment!

    William Kurtz

  • I had been having neck pain and stiffness for several months.  My doctor recommended Physical Therapy and I am so grateful to have found Diamond.  Mike and Andrea provided ample pain relief through massage, worked with me on appropriate exercises and sent me off with exercises I can do at home and at the gym.  In addition, the dry-needling procedure Amy provided was an integral part of my recovery.  I feel stronger and my muscles are looser and able to do daily activities without pain.  So much gratitude to everyone at Diamond.

    Laura Pierson

  • I came to Diamond with crippling lower back pain, as recommended by my ortho and both my parents. I could not be more pleased with my results especially thanks to Amy and Andrea. I made great progress with their help and when I hit a plateau they worked with me to figure out the next steps. Amy recommended dry needling and it’s given me relief once again! I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they’ve helped me with. If I were to do it all again, I would still do it with them. Thank You!

    Kayla Ahrndt

  • Before I came here, I couldn’t dance without having back pain. Now after having dry needling sessions, I am able to get through a dance practice without pain in my back. Thank you for your help with making my back feel better.

    Courtney Cerniglia

  • I had suffered from chronic muscle tightness for several months that ultimately led to SI Joint Dysfunction and excruciating pain throughout my entire body.  It wasn’t until I discovered dry needling that I was able to finally find relief.  Amy’s knowledge and pleasant demeanor brought me great comfort and has greatly increased the quality of my life and wellbeing.  I recommend this alternative therapy to everyone I encounter because of the amazing results I’ve experienced.

    Monica Dixon

  • After experiencing pain on my left leg, my ability to exercise & run was limited.  Thanks to Andrea, Mike, Chuck and Amy, I am now able to exercise and have started running.  The physical therapy coupled with the Dry Needling treatment worked wonders!  No pain no gain!  Thank you all for everything!!

    Dolores Priegnitz

  • When I started dry needling, I had just had my 5th stomach surgery in 2 years. I was in severe pain 24 hours a day and had very limited mobility. I was unable to reach up to wash my hair, get into bed by myself or pick up my 2 year old twins. Dry needling has truly been a life changing experience for me as I now am able to do all the things I used to be able to do. I am almost done with dry needling and I am almost pain free. I am also sleeping longer without waking up as much.

    Tracy Wiltberger