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Patient Testimonials

  • I had meniscus surgeries in both knees a couple of years ago. As I was told, physical therapy was suggested. At that time I was feeling good and didn’t need it. Wrong – started to have more issues with my knee, also due to arthritis setting in, so it was time to take the advice and come to Diamond Physical Therapy. It has been a great experience with the relief of issues that had occurred. The exercise program will be regular routine. And best of all, the therapists and employers were great.


    Deborah Jamieson

  • My main problem was walking and balance. I felt my problem was in the knees, but the problem was in the muscles leading to the knees. With Mikes help everything has improved balance and strength.


    Wilfred Strunk

  • I feel much better since I first started. I can do many things like making the bed, doing dishes and cleaning the bathroom. All my therapists were good to me. I thank them very much for what they did for me. Thank you for all your help.

    Daisy Rubino

  • I came in a lot of pain in my right hip (I had full hip replacement in 2007). I had hard time sitting, walking, and standing – even for short periods of time and also sleeping. Since working with Amy and Chuck my physical condition has improved about 95%. All my hard times are now very normal. I am happy and surprised with my results, thanks to Diamond Physical Therapy, Amy, Chuck and his team.


    Dale Ihssen

  • I had been having problems with an arthritic knee, and still wanted to be very active – hopefully with less pain. The therapists at Diamond, with combination of treatments, strengthening exercises have helped me to perform all kinds of rigorous activities such as long elliptical training, hiking and even ice hockey with much less real time or residual pain. My goals were met completely.

    Peter Brown

  • Following revision knee replacement (my second knee replacement in 4 years) I returned to the care of Diamond Physician Therapy because of my last wonderful treatment. Somewhat discouraged and in a lot more pain than with my initial knee replacement, Amy worked with me to set realistic goals for a positive outcome. Each session (with Amy or Cindy), I left therapy feeling emotionally and physically better than I did before. By the end of 7 weeks, I was able to walk 15 minutes with gait that no one could tell I had my knee replaced. I also have a bag of tricks in my arsenal to pull out on those days when I have pain or tightened muscles. I met my goals and am onward to set new ones to lead a full life with being able to do the activities I enjoy. I highly recommend the family atmosphere of Diamond Physical Therapy for friendly and outcome driven treatment.

    Amy Wuerger

  • Before coming here, I had severe pain in right foot many times a day. It was so bad I couldn’t put any weight on it. Left foot has plantar fasciitis. I had pain when getting out of bed in the morning. Right foot has not had that pain in several days and left foot is much better in a morning now. I want to thank Cindy and Amy for the great job they did. At first I had doubts that it was going to work. Thanks again.

    Bob Ure

  • I came to increase my range of motion in my right shoulder due to a rotator cuff surgery and RA. We were able to raise my range of motion 15 degrees and I gained strength in my hand. I will continue to do the exercises to try to get even better in the future. The therapy helped me to do more of the things I love doing.



    Beverly Van Wazer

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