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Patient Testimonials

  • When I first decided to come to Diamond Physical Therapy, I had been suffering in silence with my back and hips. The pain had become unbearable. My doctor put me on pain killers just to dull the pain and did nothing to improve my condition. Since Therapy, I have learned how to take care of my condition. I now have the tools needed to control my pain.

    Patricia O’Connor

  • When I first came to Diamond Physical Therapy, I had difficulty dressing due to bad balance and leg weakness. Now, I can get out of the shower without leaning on something. It’s no longer a problem tying my shoes without putting my feet up on some type of support. Feeling much younger now.

    Jefferson Triplett

  • It was a great experience coming into Diamond Physical Therapy. Every day was fun and entertaining. Both Cindy and Amy did a great job of increasing my endurance. When I first started coming in, I would get tired easily, now I am back to work. I am able to be on my feet all day without getting tired.

    Jason Garay

  • About 3 weeks ago, when I came in, my back was sore, weak and hurt! After working on exercises here with Amy, it’s much better. At first, I gingerly rolled over. Today, I almost jump right up. I feel much better with strength in my core and I’ll continue at home to work on it.

    Susan Hurley

  • My lower back surgery initially was much more painful than expected. Physical Therapy was extremely effective. My improvement was incredible from beginning physical therapy until I was finished. The whole staff was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Diamond Physical Therapy.

    Patrick Kirmse

  • Came to Diamond Physical Therapy due to lower back pain and a pinched nerve that radiated down my back. I had 12 physical therapy sessions with Alecia and Cindy, where I was taught stretching and strengthening exercises to strengthen my lower back and release the pinched nerve. With 3 or 4 sessions to go, I was at the point where I was unsure if the Therapy was working.  I am happy, that I continued because I really turned the corner during those last 3 sessions.

    Ed Brunner

  • Before surgery (9/11/2017) I was very weak and fatigued. After surgery, I was 10 times worse. I was extremely swollen and in a tremendous amount of pain. I was scared senseless to start Physical Therapy, but with gentle guidance, these wonderful girls gave me my life back and always making sure, I wasn’t over-doing things and letting me rest when I needed to. At the beginning, I couldn’t even step up, but now I feel so much stronger and am amazed at my progress!

    Heidi Summers

  • After 10 months of relentless pain in my back, leg and foot, I am now virtually pain free. On my first visit, I was diagnosed with SI joint disorder. In my sessions the team focused on this issue and after just 1 visit I began to feel better. Before Diamond Physical Therapy, I couldn’t sleep, walk, stand or tie my shoes. Today, I can do all that and more with no pain. I feel like I have my life back.

    Harry Semerjian