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Patient Testimonials

  • What a great recovery! About six months ago, I broke both feet. I was down for a while in a cast. After cast was removed, I was able to start Therapy. While in Therapy, I did quite a bit of strengthening exercises to help me walk normal again without a limp. All the help from Therapists was very successful. I am able to do a lot more after that. I am going to miss them all.

    Elva K. Daly-Fielder

  • Magical experience! Beginning with pain that prevented sleep, inability to find any comfortable position, nor did the pain medication gave any relief. A small area between my neck and shoulder caused immense pain preventing most activities.  In three weeks, three times a week managed by Ruth, I have no remaining pain, no activity restrictions and well enough to return to regular gym activities with expanded knowledge of how to avoid muscle stress in the future. Thank you Ruth!

    Janet Aggen

  • This was my second experience with Ruth and plantar fasciitis now both feet. I was unable to walk without pain which curtailed my activities. Now I am back to walking pain free with increasing distances. Ruth was also able to teach me how to strengthen my knees and hips to hopefully prevent further episodes. I am off to tour Australia with walking instruction papers. Thank you!

    Patricia Toomey

  • I was experiencing limited range of motion with my arm. I was having trouble reaching my opposite shoulder, behind my back and I had problems with my tennis serve. Reaching items on the shelf caused pain. Shoulder pain caused sleepless nights. Since Therapy at Diamond, my range of motion is close to 100 % and my pain has greatly diminished. Best of all, my tennis serve is back.

    Chris Morecraft

  • I had hip replacement surgery. Came to Diamond Physical Therapy for recovery therapy. It was an excellent experience, the staff is very nice. My goals have all been met!

    Greg Hanson

  •  Before Physical Therapy, I was experiencing pain in my upper back and lower neck, limited many of my daily home, school and recreational activities. Participating in sport and band was not an option with my back pain. After 12 Physical Therapy visits, I was able to limit the pain to a single tender spot on my spine, enabling me to resume my day to day activities.

    Max Macler

  • My shoulder was feeling very tight and weak. I was not able to do most things. But, over time, I began to progress and feel better and it is getting much less tight and weak. Now I and able to open doors, grab cups and get my phone from the pocket without pain.

    Daniel Valeria

  • Prior to treatment, I had sharp piercing pain in the bottom of my heels and stiff painful ankles. Walking was a dreaded experience. Now I look forward to the painless pleasures of walking again-just in time for summer activities!

    Margaret L. den Ouden