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Patient Testimonials

  • I came to Physical Therapy to gain balance for walking, standing, climbing stairs and learned to balance, walk with cane on uneven surfaces. I gained stamina and confidence going up and down stairs, alternating feet and not holding onto the handrail and having confidence to do some dancing was awesome. Diamond Physical Therapy helped with the pain in my back without using needles. Fabulous job here, now I can go cruising.

    Micheline Hoelting

  • I went to Physical Therapy, because I could not move my arm after I got it out of my cast. Physical Therapy helped me move my arm and I am able to move it again.

    Matthew Fishman

  • When I first came to Diamond Physical Therapy, I was having a lot of pain in my left shoulder and arm. I couldn’t sleep lying down, I had problems reaching above my head, pushing a grocery cart was excruciating painful. Now, I can do all of these things with no pain at all. The Therapists have been great. I am really thankful to be pain free.

    Penny Siewert

  • I came with heel pain like nothing I’ve felt before and now, no inflammation or pain! The exercises and help from everyone here has been very valuable. The laser treatments were very helpful, the home exercises and finding the root of my problem-the hip-who knew?! Now I walk and feel so much better. This has been a very long process, 7 weeks in boot, then a boot at night and the Physical Therapy all helped my foot heel since February – what a process and I thank Chuck and Cindy for all their help!

    Joy Benton

  • After my knee replacement my knee was very weak. Since starting Physical Therapy my knee became much stronger and more stable. Now I can walk much better without pain. I can even do stairs again. Thanks to Mike and Cindy I am very happy with my new knee.

    Beverly VanWazer

  • I am thrilled with the outcome of my 8 weeks of Physical Therapy. Before I started Physical Therapy, my 3rd back surgery was in April of 2017. I could not walk, sit or stand for longer than 15-20 minutes. I can now walk, sit, stand, for about an hour at a time. As I continue with my exercises, I feel myself getting better every day. My pain level for the past 4 years has been between a 8 to a 10, my pain level since working with Mike is down to a 3 to a 2. Thank you Mike  and Diamond Physical Therapy!

    Sharon M. Covello

  • After foot surgery, I was unable to walk short distances in my boot without pain and discomfort. With the help of Diamond Physical Therapy and my Therapists Cindy and Amy, I have regained my ability to walk normally and my range of motion. I no longer need my boot or crutches and I can finally walk again. Even though I had to stop Physical Therapy for school, I finally feel stable in walking and doing activities I have been missing.

    Kaitlyn Paalman

  • When I first came in, I was in a lot of pain in my left knee. Couldn’t work, my son had to help me out of chair. I couldn’t even tie my own shoes. But now, I am back to my grouchy old self. I can even go up and down ladder again, get out of the chair by myself, I even stopped taking my pain pills.

    Charles C. Schrade