Physical Therapy via Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana

Physical Therapy via Blue Cross Blue Shield and Humana

April 28, 2017

Diamond Physical Therapy

Preferred Provider of

Blue Cross Blue Shield  &  Humana

Don’t let insurance problems keep you from getting help that you need. 

We have the insurance aspect of your care expertly handled.  Don’t let financial pain get in the way of solving your physical pain.

Pay a lot for your insurance these days?

Why not make good use of it?  Use it as it was intended.

It’s Normal to be in pain?  (NOT!)

There are lots of people walking around thinking it’s normal to be in pain. Unable to do the things they want or need to do… pain keeps lots of people from living and being happy.  Many accept the misbelief there is…   “No choice but to live with it.”

Got Pain?   Physical Therapy can Help.

Do you have pain, stiffness, weakness or maybe you just don’t feel as limber or mobile as you used to and it’s keeping you from doing all  the things you want to do?

That’s where Diamond Physical Therapy can help

BCBS and Humana are the leading insurance providers in Illinois.

You do not require a physician referral in order to begin the Physical Therapy Evaluation process.  That means you can call us any time you need help.

Here’s how physical therapy can help…

Our wonderful Front Office Staff will be able to get you scheduled for an appointment and perform a complimentary service of *Benefits Confirmation to verify your coverage.

* We encourage you to verify your own individual coverage as this is your ultimate responsibility.

[hyperlink style=”1″ href=”” font_size=”18″ font_style=”bold” font_shadow=”light” align=”center”]Click here to schedule a free 15 min Discovery Visit[/hyperlink]

A Free 15 min Discovery visit allows you to meet one on one with one of our physical therapists to help you determine the cause of your problem and how we can help you get back to your old self.

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